Nothing but missing you..

I’m counting your foot steps,
I’m listening to the song we used to sing.
I’m looking back; that memory is so far away.

The time tell me that everything’s gone.
The time tell me; I’m too much hope.

I was melted by your love
But now, I’m freezing by your madness.
Now, you have a damn cool heart.
I can’t feel a peace place to stand up anymore.
I don’t believe it.
I’ve been trying to find the reason why you did it.
But, it seems that you didn’t want me to fill your empty heart anymore.

I don’t believe it;
Because I still remember how nice your words when you need me
How warm your hands to hold mine.
How beautiful it was when you said that; I’m yours, and You are mine.

I know I’m mean nothing for you right now
I wonder if you know that I still need a simple careness from you to say “a good morning or a good night”.
It was a simple word for you, but it was the biggest spirit for me.
I still need it, honestly.

Who is the girl that take you from me?
Who is the girl that make me far from you?
Tell her that who the hell she is!

Nothing that I can say unless;
I missed you so badly.
It hurts me so deeply.
Please come to me and say that you want to make it better.
Please share your life with me again.

Please say that it’s just a dream, a nightmare.
That will dissapear when I wake up later.
An expectable thing will comes when God let it happens- And I believe it~



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