Teenage`s dream VS Syariah

Hey you guys, how have you been? I wish that Allah will always blessed us.. Ameen

Here, I just wanna share something. I will try to standing balance between Syariat Islam and the teenage world (as I’m a teenage too). Yeah, it will be a dilemma for all of us in this part of life.
We have lots of dreams it called ‘teenage dreams’ that full of happiness, glamourouss, and also love.
Love is a part of our life. Everyone wants to be loved by someone, like what they dream of. Sometimes we can’t keep our eyes to see something that it is haram in islam.. But sometimes we think it’s too good to waste, so we can’t control our eyes anymore.
A perfect body, beautiful face, handsome, white fair skin are the reasons to love someone, right? (hmm, i think so) it’s normal as a teenage with those dreams.. But, when we back to see the Syariat Islam, is that right? Of course not. They aren’t like what Syariat said.
A true muslim, muslimah, good at attitude, behavior etc are like what Syariat said.
Hmmm, it’s a difficult thing to do right?
But, I got a lesson from many people that a beautiful girl or an handsome boy will be loved by everyone who wants to get them only as ‘a girlfriend or boyfriend’ but a true muslim or muslimah will be loved by everyone who wants them as ‘a husband or wife’ and actually they have a true love for us, to always remember Allah together, to be in Allah’s heaven in akheraat some day.
Yeah, we have some choices in this life.. But it depends on us.. How’s the future that you really want to do with someone.

We all hope that they are a true muslim or muslimah, has a briliant brain, handsome, beautiful, good at attitude, behavior, and all what they say are like a diamond, meaningful and always remember Allah all the time.
It will be a true love if we’ll get someone like that. Ameen 🙂
And I also got something from my teacher, she said; “don’t ever you try to find the best one before you make yourself to be good and match for them”


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