Unforgettable Trip to Jogja

Unforgettable Trip to Jogja

Well, I miss my hobby to write here on my blog since the first time I made this blog just because the assignment in the last grade in High School. AND NOW, it’s gonna be my personal, private blog to share about anything happens in my life 😉

OK, this is my first post to tell you guys about my own experience with all students in my school in class 12.
Our trip to Jogjakarta started last week (May 8th-12th).
I don’t really know how to describe this trip. Happy. Tired. Bored. Laugh. Everything!!
But I enjoyed it so muuuch, ahh Ithink I will always miss this moment, guys!
We went there at 3 pm, it’s kinda bored because the School announced us to come and join the ceremony at 10 am. And in fact, the trip started at 3 pm (Let’s count how much we spent our time ? D:)
So, I don’t really remember how many city we’ve passed on that trip. Then we went there by bus, and it took for about 18 hours on the road! Ohh My Gosh!! We were being tired, exactly!
Next day, maybe at 5.30 am, we arrived at PARADISE Resto, then we took a bath, had dinner and continue our trip to Candi Prambanan (Prambanan Temple). We were there at Prambanan for about 2 hours, and here all the nice memory starts 😀 Ahh, gonna miss our conversation, Miss, Mr and also a handsome German; Paul 🙂
That’s what I really want to meet some Foreign Friends, so I can share anything about our culture and our language. So, you can guess it, I became really really really happy! At first time, I ask two people (I think they are a couple), to take a picture with them, so the woman said yes, beside we took a picture, we talked about ‘where do they come?’, ‘how long did they stay here?’ and many more, I just surprised when the woman said ‘TERIMA KASIH’ it is my language, Indonesian!! They came from Holland, and I’m so amazed to know that, then I said that it’s great.
The second wonderful memory happened with a couple too (but I didn’t ask their nam or where do they come from, a bit regret it u.u) We took a picture agaaain! haha
Still on the same day but in the different place, now we were in Karaton Ngayogyakarta, another nicest place in Jogjakarta. It’s a historical site in Indonesia, where the Sultan Hamengkubuwono with all his family lived. It was so amazing to visit a great place like this. I saw there were so many tourists there too. So, my friend told me to take a picture again (I guess she wanted it, too) ahahah just joking, girl 😉
He is German, he came there with his friends, he talked so many things to me but I didn’t pay attention so much because it was crowded there, there are so many friends who saw me withthat German. His name is Paul. But his guy friend is more amazing I think ahaha. But I just talked to him.

Then, we checked-in at Amarta Hotel. We took a rest for a while, took a bath then went shopping at Malioboro, where you can find many things with the Batik motif (the traditional Indonesian’s blouse). Two hours we were here. So we go back to hotel, and continue come to Aula and see some performances from each class, untill midnight came. So tired, but we couldn’t back to our room until the event was over. Blaaah!

Anyway, this 5 days was a full-day to had fun with my lovely ganks, d’chrisfefara! ahahah love you, guys! 🙂
Next morning we went to Universitas Gajah Mada to attendanced the Seminar. After that we were ready to went to Tawangmangu Waterfall, in Solo! We had so much fun! Played with the water is so fun, but I was a bit worried to climb the stones, it is so high, and I didn’t want to look at back.
It spent an enough time to stay in hotel again. After we reached the hotel, we packing to prepare our trip to went home again! Whatca tiring day!
Next day, we had to ready to breakfast and brought our briefcase downstrairs at 7 am. After we had breakfast, we visited some places to bought something to give to our family or friends, or someone else.And then, we went to anothre Temple, it is Candi Borobudur, one of the beautiful Temple in the world and it is one of the Seven Wonder in the World. It is also a historical site for Hindust. I could feel the fresh air, with the beautiful scenery arround the Temple.
After this long and tiring activities, we ready to came back to our lovely city, JAKARTA!

That was my story during my last activity become a student in High School. Unforgettable moment with all feelings! I’m gonna miss you, my friends!
See you in the future :*


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