Our new life will begins since this day, May 26th 2012!

Tik tok.. Tik tok.. The ring of the clock gonna attack your heart beat. Yeah, what else that we were waiting for except the result about our National Exam. Errr. let’s go flashback. How was it like? Obviously, all feeling were matched unite as one! Nervous, anxious, wanna fight for it fast, etc etc..

Yes, it has been a month 10 days ago, guyssss! We were hope the best for the result, we pray, and support our friends each other, forgive each other, and it was smeels so sweet like a blossom rose! On April 16th-18th, we faced the National Exam!!! Yeah the way how to leave this school, amazing school to find everything!! First day was: Bahasa Indonesia, then English and another one is Math.

I was feeling so much worried, ready, everything! You know why? I had to understood all subject from the 10th grade until 12th grade, and it was not so much easy, especially in Math. I had some bad story on it. In the second tryout from my school I got…. Argh, so bad score ever!!! But from that I comitted myself that I have to study harder than before, I have to had at least 7 in another tryout. So my Math teacher asked me to choose one of my friend that I believed in she/he can helps me until the National Exam came. Well,I chose Tiya–someone whose sit beside me but in other row. The reason why I chose her because, she is good at Math, but beside that, I feel so comfort to ask my worst Math questions to her ahahaha what a patiently she is :p

And yeah, my classmate and my Math teacher doing something that it was a bit boring for me, on my 18 birthday, 1st of February my teacher asked me to answer some Math questions in the white board, I din’t study at night and I couldn’t answer some questions. But suddenly my sweet teacher became so angry, she asked me to stood up in front of the class and promised for myself and also my friends that I will get the best Math score in the Nattional Exam. She asked me to told it louder and louder, when I was about to cry, then she asked my friends to stood up, saying a happy birthday for me, and sang a happy birthday song. Aaaa, it was a kinda boring but awesome surprise that I ever had :’)

Then, I built myself into a stronger that would be raedy to fight the National Exam. Oh yeah, I had another ++ time studying Math with my Sister’s friend, he taught me and my Mom paid some money for him, yeah it was like private teaching, I understood a lot in every words that he explained. But only on Saturday or Monday, it wasn’t work so good, because he also busy with his college life. So at school, Tiya and some other friends  would be I ask for.

Then we finally passed it, but the holiday still wouldn’t be start, for all Accounting Student, we still have to finish our last assignment about UKK, it wasn’t take to much time but yeeah, stressed enough to did it when you thought that you’ve done everything in your school.

So, some companies came and reqruitments us, I joined some requitments too. Until so many weeks have passed. NOW May 26th, is our awesome, amazing, wonderful day. But still a little bit anxious to know about the result. Well, a week left to the announcement, my heart beats so faaaast, like a dog runs and ready to catch me, huft!! And some fake news came and it said that we would know about the result on 24th of May. So, we waiting for it too. Next day, 25th of May- a day left to the announcement. I was so worried that my Kaprog (Accounting Teacher’s Leader) would come in to my house than say something, the worst thing about the result. But until the night, she weren’t come AHAHAHAHA good good 🙂

At night, when the clock showed 00:00 I opened my laptop and started to open the web about the announcement, but still it didn’t work, because the announcement is TOMORROW at 10 am; (clear enough student??) haha twitting, facebooking were some way to less my nervous.

I couldn’t sleep; whether it caused my Insomnia or this anxious feeling. Whatever. I could not close my eyes 😥 until might be 3 am, finally I went sleep. Then wake up in the date of May 26th!!!

An usual activity begun, but I stayed so sweet in front of the Laptop without worried that my Mon would mad at me hahahah

I was feeling so…….. anxious, my heart beaten fast, faster, and fastest. 2 hours left, 1 hour left, an half left, a quarter left, 5, 4, 3, 2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaand..


I opened my Facebook beside I tried to open this link: http://uan.smkdki.net

The appearanced still like at night, then my friend sent me the link again. And yeaaah, calm down, my heart!! I called my Mom to come into my room, and see what would be happen. What would change my life, my future.

I putted my number (it was the ID number in the National Exam) it was: 04-020-035-6, then in another line it showed that I should putted my birthday date: 020194. Then logged-in.!

And yeaaaaah yippi! Alhamdulillah I graduated from High School with fantastic marks. Aaaaah, I’m so amazed to know that, I called my Mom, she kissed me, she hugged me until it made my sister woke up :p heheh I was a bit crying, because now I feel statisfied with what I did since few months ago!!

OH GOD, thanks! you showed the best in this announcement. I became so grateful for my Almighty ALLAH! Big thanks to ALLAH!! It was my amazing day, even sometimes-I still a bit regret (just a bit, God) about my mistakes when doing Math in National Exam, I knew that my answer was right, but suddenlly the unpredictable bad idea came and attacked me to change my answer, then when I tried to did it, I found the answer on that question, so I was dilemma, two answers there on that choices and yeeeeah, I lost 2 points that actually I knew the answer. Poor me! But it’s okay! Nothing wouldn’t be changed again, right??

So next week, on 2nd of June is our special day ‘again’, we will celebrate our Graduation in our Beloved school. Will it gonna be our last moment? No, guys! We are one as a part of  Vincitore or Fabulanostra ’12. We should keep this friendship as always! I love you my teachers, I’m so thankful for all your dedication to help us understand for everything!! Yes, you are meant for me.

The biggest support comes from My mom, aaaah, I can’t count how much you gave me your prayer Mommy, I love you I love you so muuuch, nothing’s gonna be change Momma, I’m still your nice little daughter :’)

For all my classmates, thanks for the spirit and prayers too. And this crazy little thing, called…. d’chrisfefara ahahahahlove you guys! So what about our plan together?? Ahahha

Ok, I wish that everything won’t be change after this, we are still one, a part of SMKN 8 Jakarta 🙂

Wish all of our dreams come true, then we can meet in another life with our new story about our own life.

Love you, d’chrisfefara, Vincitore and Fabulanostra’12We are graduate 100%, congrats!!!

Faithfully yours,



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