When unexpectable things happened

Hi, folks!

I have so much awkward, wonderful, sad and happy story nowadays. You know why? Yeah, life’s changed as fast as the times flied.

When we have so much things to do then the reality said ohers. You know how it feels like? When you are in love with someone, then you are truly mean it. But the situation asks you to take another way of life. You should leave it. Forget it. Avoid it. That is for you, it’s really so hard until you never thought that it could happens like that.

Well, this is life. Everything can happens only in a second– And you would never avoid it, for sure! When you’re in love with someone, sometimes you feel like you’re the LUCKY one, until you can’t see another one that maybe it’s a real for you. But, who knows about the future hold? We just a human that would never knows about how our life will be.. We plan it, but God take a big part to make a decision.

I’m not sure to tell all my bad story here, I believe that even it’s my personal blog, maybe stranger will take a look at it. So, I just want to give a point, that I just lost “someone” that meant something for me– Don’t ever ask me about how it feels like!! Because I’m sure you know it deeply. When you think you can’t move on at all, make sure that it’s not YOURSELF who says that.

Believe me, don’t be so easily to give your trust on someone that you think your life will be okay with them. The more you give all your hope for that person, the more you will get hurt when they leave you.

So, girl! Love someone who loves you, as enjoy as you can. Don’t pretend that you are okay when your heart ISN’T truly says that.

Love someone who deserves you. They worth it. And be sure, you won’t make a mistake that it will causes something bad happens.

We were born to learn everything in this life. Whether it’s good or bad, whether it’s happy or sad, any many things.

People changed. Life changed. But memory would never changed.

When you get something bad in your life, just believe me– Life should goes on. Don’t stuck on one thing, if you can make another great move for other :’)

When you lost something that you think it’s your happiness, don’t be sad. You can cry out load, but never do the same thing in other time. Stop it! Look at yourself, and be ready for another happines. Trust me, you will get another unexpectable happinessĀ  in your life.

Yours truly,



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