Is this a beginning of my true life?

I want to write something about my new life. I have so much story to write but I have no much time to do this hobby. Yep. I’m working in a web company that provides an online news. It’s up-to-date every time. I knew this work from my friend at High School. She told me that there’s a job vacany so she asked me to applied there. As it’s not too far from my house, so I took this chance. Less than a week the Manager of HRD called me and told me to came and had an interview on Tuesday. Well, I’m glad to heard such kind of great news like this.

Anyway, in other side, I also had a call from another company. They wanted me to join there but I have to move to Anyer. When I asked this matter to my Mom and Sister, they didn’t allow me to work in the far place from home. So I decided to leave that job and pray for the other chance that it’s possible for me to take it.

You would get confused when your family, your parents and your Sister asked you about the College life. They asked why didn’t I follow the test to be in one of those State University? Then I just answered it was just too late to join it. I want to study while I can earn own money in a company– It feels so good when you can buy something with your own money and didn’t ask to your parents or anyone else.

I decided it. And I just looking for some schoolarship to study abroad from the internet. I applied in some University. And I also got some e-mail replies from them. I’m happy that I got some respect sfter applying it. But, I got some problem on it. Some problems that it was must reccomended by my University in Indonesia. Then, I asked myself what is the Univesity I want to study after this graduation? 

I still and always get confused which one is good for me, not only now, but also for my future– The important thing in my life. My Mom suggested me some good University in Jakarta (she would never allow me to study in another city). My sister offered me to study in the same University like her. Then few months ago I joined the Seminar to know about the program.

Hell yeah. I still dunno what I’d do next time? Hey Fefi, it’s IMPORTANT for you. For your life. For your future.

This moment felt like you wanted to jump and shout out loud.

Then finally I choose GICI Business School as a place to gain more knowledge and experience. I like about its program. And I will be graduate with Strata 1 (S1) three years again. It’s a fast program than usually it will take 4 years or more it depends on how fast you can take all the lessons per semester.

I decided to join and became a member of GICI Business School’s student. I hope I can be what I want one day. And maybe this is the best place to reach it. Ameen

Anyway, this University owned by Bob Sadino. One of the best and greatest Entrepreneur in Indonesia.

This is the firs Business School in Indonesia even nowadays there’s so much another Business School. But the first pioner is GICI Business School.

I went there to took the test to determine what major can I take.I had to answered for about 200 questions include: Math, Social, Science, Logica, Bahasa Indonesia and others within 2 hours. But I could finish it less than the target :))

I choose Accounting to continue my study while in Vocational High School and also my Mom support me to take Accounting as my major.

Then I jumped to session in GICI, for the first and the second time we had to come to GICI.

The nearest even is 11 August 2012, I should come and have some information about Inaguration that will be hold on 1st-3rd of September 2012. Well, my college life will be starts soon.

And the class will really starts on 5th of September. Huaaaaa, is this a real life of mine?

Is this the beginning of my life?

Yeah. This is my very first time to start everything. I hope all the best with me and all of you too.


Anista Fefiana


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