Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!!

Hello, Indonesians!!! Happy Independence Day for you all!

Yeay, waking up in a difference situation, in the fresh freedom air like this make me realize how hard our hero got this freedom back. 67 years ago, we lived in the worst situation, an heaven place but seemed like the hell because of the colonizer. Oh, it’s too bad to imagine how hard life was going on that time.

We should thank to our God, for all this freedom that it was seemed like-a-dream 67 years ago. I love my country so much. Even if one day, I should live in another country (who knows? :D) I will always love this beautiful place. A heaven in the world, that makes me feel so blessed to live in this beautiful island, beautiful country called Indonesia.


Never ask; what does Indonesia already gave to you, but ask yourself what did you already give to Indonesia.

Yeah, it isn’t so much easy to live here nowadays. Sometimes, it feels like we are still live back to 67 years old. We still far from the word “success” if we look at some poor peoples still sit, sleep and find money around the wrong place like road to road, or at the edge of lake. How sad it is. Who’s the one we should blame for this matter? Our government? Or themselves? Why did they live unhappy? Why they didn’t have a home? What should they seem so weak and ask anyone to give them money? Couldn’t they work, huh? So who will be answer this question? Who wants to solve these problems? No one. No one. Just ask yourself, what should we do to make Indonesia a better place to live.

These days, we just can blame one another about these problems. Stop it. Stop talking and let’s make a move. Make a change. A big change for our Indonesia. Never let another nations take our happiness and freedom back. It’s enough to had a bad history like 67 years ago. The only one who can changes Indonesia is ourselves.

I’m sad, I live 18 years here. But I still do nothing for my country. Oh GOD. Let me be an Ambassador one day– Ameen. We live in the peace place, with no wars. So let’s we unite as one as INDONESIAN. And this is the right time to show the world that Indonesia is-a-strong-country; Indonesia is-a-big-country; Indonesia is-a-powerful-country; Indonesia is-the-only-country-I LOVE.

Usually, we have a great celebration for each year. But for some years back, it almost not every place in Indonesia celebrate it. Because this month we also have Fasting, in the Month of Ramadan for all Muslims around the world, include Indonesia. But I let you see how nice this celebration by some pictures like this:








This is a must. For every 17th of August for each year, we have to have Ceremomy.






She’s a luckiest girl. She stood up in front of our President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. It’s an annual even for Paskibraka to perform at Istana Negara every Independence Day. And this girl was choosed from hundred young peoples, about 15-17years old from each region in Indonesia. They should have a perfect skill for it.








At Istana Negara, Bogor.


A real celebration and games!!!







This a foreigner little girl who also participate to celebrate our Independence Day.








Another game: Panjat Pinang. There are awesome prize above, we have to pick it with a good colaboration each other. Not so easy, blaaaah!!



In this moment I just wanna say once again “Happy Independence Day of Indonesia”Now, you are 67 years, old enough!! Come on, young folks!! This is our time to make a move, to make a better Indonesia.

And this is some pictures, I had. Ahh, honestly, I want to attach ,ore pictures. But I haven’t prepared it yet.

So enjoy it, guys!!


This is a Symbol of Indonesia which has a meaning for each symbol.

There are 5 points on it, that we called Pancasila. And the sentence under it (Bhineka Tunggal Ika) means: Even we all are difference (in this case are; religions, region, etc) but we are always ONE. Nice meaning.


Map of Indonesia. See this, how big our country. Thousand islands and beautiful ocean.


Welcome to Bali!! One of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. With a fascinating beach which make so many tourists around the world want to come here. Aaaa, I love Bali.


This is one of great, amazing beach in Bali.

Image     Image

Yeaaay, this is an icon of Jakarta, the city where I live– The capital city of Indonesia. It taken at morning and night.

Isn’t it beautiful? ^^


Tadaaa! This is Komodo Island. I don’t know it’s already become one of the Seven Wonders of the World or not. Some issues, said yes but some it hasn’t yet.

  Image  Image

Those are taken at Bunaken National Park. You can snorkling, diving and swimming under beautiful sea like this.

Image Image  Image Image  Image

Borobudur!! Yeah, it’s one of Seven Wonders of the World by UNESCO. I want to write more about it, because it has wonderful history. I just visited there on June this year, 2 months ago. See you next time, Borobudur!!

Well, guys. These all are some nice exotic places in Indonesia. If you want more, just please come here ehehehe (this is a special request for my foreigner friends who read it, or another visitor from other country) 🙂

I swear, you will feel these place are more beautiful than what you only see in here.. 🙂


Just a poster– Remember: Keep spirit for a better Indonesia.

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia-Ku!!! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdekaaaa!!!




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    1. Aww** Gracias Gustavooo. I’m happy that you took a time to read my blog. You know it’s so amazing. Hihi.
      Yes, come here in Indonesia. I’ll show you another beautiful places. :))


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