Inauguration & Outbond GICI Business School 2012


Hello, ganks!! How’s life?

This is me, I want to share my new experience and adventure with you all. Keep your eyes reading it.

Well, it was 2nd to 4th September 2012. I had to attendend a program from my University to be legal as a college here haha. Yes, it’s an annual program for every student who studies in Gici Business School. If I didn’t attend this Inauguration and Outbond, I seriously should attendend this program next year with no exception. Understand huh?

 We went to Jatiluhur, Purwakarta on Sunday, 2nd September.  I prepared everything that my Coach, he is Kak Dayat asked us to bring while in Inauguration and Outbond. I checked list all those things and made sure everything was ready. I keep repeating it. And that morning I woke up so early, remember what my Coach said to me that we have to arrive at Campus at 6 am, yeah at 6 am. So I was really in a hurry that morning. Then my Sister, she is also studies in this Campus, but she just accompanied me went to the Campus that morning..

Oh well, I guessed that I was the latest person who came, because when I arrived at Campus there were so many people there. Then I got confused, where was my team? As we only met once before this time, so I didn’t really remember their faces. Oh God, it was so crowded. Then, you know what? we couldn’t go there at 7 like what they told me before.. It was like awww, what a crazy!! We had to wait until 6 hours before the buses came. They said there was a problem about that transportation, so we had to keep patiently until hour by hour goes by. 

Then, we went there at 12 pm, so it took some hours to arrived at Graha Tirta Jatiluhur, it might at 2.15 pm. We went to Hall, to attended a Seminar from a bank, it was BTN. And lots of seminar after this one. And there was Ir. Prabowo an ex Minister of Agriculture. His Seminar was adorable, we paid attention so much. I went until night. So we really got tired. You know, we still wore an office wear during this seminar.

 We brought our briefcases to the our room for each team, that was devide for girls and boys. We stayed at Floris 9. There were 7 girls in my room, include me. So we were a team. And there were another 3 boys in boy’s room, they also our team.. “The Justice Team” yeah, that was our team name. At 1 am, we had to woke up and gathered on the field, to had some adventure at night. Strated from that field, we had to guessed an awkward question before the coach let us leaving that place. After we successed to answered it, we started from the first post until the last post, it was sixth post. We only brought a candle to a team, that was devide from one real team. My team has 4 member now; we were Abizar, Indah, Lisma and I. It was really a dark night but looks so peace and beautiful to felt a fresh air in the hill like this. The moonlight and some shining starts made this night seemed too sweet to forget.


I started to enjoy this moment, so many games we had to passed from the first until the last post. We had to sang our yell-team for some posts hahah. Hey, it was crazy yell that I ever listened :p haha

I can’t tell you for every game we had to pass that time, it was too nice to be told ahaha. Okay, then we reached the last post at 5.15 am, we cleaned ourselves. Had a breakfast, and another seminar again and over again. And in the afternoon, we had outbond, some games were too difficult for us haha. It was nice and really needed a cooperation one another in the team. At night, as it was the last night here we had to gave a performance for each team. We never prepared it before. So guess what we gonna do this night? 😀 Finally we gave our best perform without some exercises like other tesms did. We sang a song by Ungu Band with the title “Tercipta Untukku” all girls in my team sang this and wit one boy.. Abizar played keyboard and one other boy played guitar. We never planned to give a perform, we never exercised anything, but that night we had to do it. Well done, good job for our team 😀 We finished this Talent Show at 1.30 am, then we had to wake up again at 3 to the hall and wrote a secret letter about our feelings and send it to our parents at home. This week, my parents already received my letter. Embarassing. Hahaha

The next day, we prepared ourselves and other things to come back to Jakarta. Well yeah, so it ws our last time together in this place. So many stories we had, from the first time we didn’t know each other until we seemed like a close friend like that. I miss you “The Justice Team”


It’s almost possible if we will never meet again, because we aren’t come from the same town. Some friends come from Gici Bogor, Gici Bekasi, Gici Depok. And I’m from Gici Jakarta. Anyway we planned to meet some more day, but we have our own business, so we have to schedule it so we all can meet up again. I hope so.

Here now, I let you know some photos of us.. Enjoy it,  guys!


With Abizar— From Gici Bogor

He was with me in that night road race


 That night, after giving our perform on Talent Show



With Sham Hari, ex Paskibraka in Istana Negara 2012, and also our leader in this team



With Indah, also from Gici Jakarta. She takes a night class, but different major like me 


After outbond, with all of member “The Justice Team”

And also with our Coach, Brother Dayat.



With Abizar, Windi, and Nasrul


 Before leaving, let’s take some picture 😀

That’s me..







So guys, I’m happy to have some new friends lke this. Keep in touch! ^^





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