Dear You!



Dear you,

I’m so glad we met

To know you more than just a happy day

To be with you on the entire day,

Is just a simple happiness I ever had


Dear you,

You just came into my life without permission

You pulled away my madness

You took away this broken smile

You bring me back and cheer me up

It is not so easy to forget, eh?


Dear you,

You such a great person

With something I could adore you

You have such a promise, even it was unspoken

You made my day, yeah You!


Dear you,

I know, I know that everything won’t last longer

No matter what you have and you think it’s everything now

One day, they will leave you alone

One day, it will be a memory

Oh yes, we have to ready to face it


Oh you,

I keep asking myself what’s wrong with me?

I don’t want to blame you 

But sincerely, I would never know my fault if no one told me what  was wrong

I wonder what you think at the time I think of you

They say it’s cute to see  us together

But deep inside, I’m just   not sure with me


Oh you,

I have no idea what’s on your mind

Is there any girls you keep thinking of?

Is that me? Or is she your old memory? Or someone else?


Oh you,

There’s so much things I need to know it about you

Not just an curiousity

But deep inside, I like to know more about you


Oh hey you,

Knowing that love will be end, so everything will be dissapear 

If we have something to regret

It must be an important thing

If words sometimes hurt, and people act like they own the world

Let see when we pretended that we were  going to war

Let’s remember when we set the fire on

We blamed each other, we run away and keep telling ourselves that  “I’m the winner”


Oh you,

Isn’t that good acting like stranger but it makes us get closer?

Than to feel we are getting closer but actually we are about to have a great war


Oh hey you, yeah you!

Please stop pretending if all is fine

Please let me know what is right and wrong

I may not the one you should stay with

I may not the most beautiful, smarter, and nicer girl to date with

But here we go so far, 

Until we don’t know what to do when we fight for something that it is not real yet


Well, goodluck for you

Have a bless day as always

We don’t know what the future holds,

So please, dear you.

Keep it up if you wanna stay longer,

But leave it off soon if you have nothing to share with

Really have my mellow morning now,

You shouldn’t do anything

Just watch it out as we can’t and will never control the flow of love


With a cold and mellow morning,



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