What’s special thing on 10-11-12?

Heyhoo folks,

What you’ve been up to? Well, I hope all is fine with you all

Ok ganks, today is a beautiful date (some peoples say this) because it’s 10th November 2012 or 10-11-12.

Seems so strange to call it as a beautiful date, as I never felt something so special on this date like what other people hope ahaha

So many people use this date to declare their love to the one they love. Hmm, I wonder why do they choose a beautiful date only to date a girl and so on? So when they break, should they waiting for the beautiful date too? AHAHAHA

But, I called it as a beautiful date too in another case.

Today I came to my cousin’s wedding party–That I think he declared his love to his girl on this beautiful date, because he meant to have something beautiful to remember on their wedding party 😉 I had to wake up early at 4 am prepared everything in the early morning. I went to his house at 5 AM so we went to the bride’s house together with my big family. Ahhh, I just loved the moment like this when we were gathering, feel so peace to see all my cousins. I took some pictures with some cousins, Sitta, Lintang and of course with my gorgeous sister Listi :))

Emm, and what else happened on this beautiful date? I think no more! Sincerely, I almost forget that today is a beautiful date because I hope nothing special on it. Err, feels like hopeless. No one gives me a beautiful moment on this date too. Sadly, people change so fast like the season.It reminds me of last year: when it was 11-11-11 and I keep posting him some wishes like Bla..Bla..Blaaa.. But now it becomes a memory. Yes, just like that. At least I have a friend of mine who made my night yesterday on Friday night, he is Marc. Hi, Marc! I wish you take a look at this post eheh. Still stressed out by some assignments and presentation that I have to face this month and also next month I’ll have the final test in this semester. Oh God, wish me luck and I have to study hard to get A for all lessons ;))) Ameen.

I think it’s far from the topic I heve to concern on 😀 Ok, because really all dates are the same actually. Only some luckiness that link you to have a beautiful moment too.

So, do you have a great and special moment today, guys? I must say I had! With all my big family. And I love ’em so so muuuuch! :** hundred of kisses for ’em

It’s midnight here and I’m wide awake. Having some fears that actually I shouldn’t have it. I think I need some “Me Time” to relax and fresh up my mind, my soul and my heart ❤ *eh haha

Dunno what I have to do again tonight, wanna skype with some lovely friends but it will keep me awake.

I just remember, last week on weekend I had a good day in Campus. I met Abizar, Nasrul and other friends from GICI Bogor, Gici Depok, and also Gici Bekasi. I likes long time ago we haven’t met yet since we said goodbye at Villa Jatiluhur. Miss you all guys, and they made a plan to go to Botanical Grden tomorrow but I dunno it’ll work out or not. I want to join them but I’m so busy with something 😦 I look forward to it on another day.

Actually, I took some photos of My cousin’s wedding party and I planned to share it here, but unpredictable thing happened this morning. My memory card is crushed, so I couldn’t see the photos both new or old photos. I’m just so sad to lost more than 3,700 photos on my cellphone :”(
 I’m still hoping it will back to normal later.

Okay ganks, it’s midnight here. I need some more sleep (even I don’t think so I can sleep soon). I’m a nocturnal, like what Ryan Evan said ahahah. Anyway, I miss you Ryan, I just remember how the first time we met. I miss it 🙂 I can’t stand to see you 3 years again so I hope you will get a student loan soon and all our dreams come true 🙂

Whoop, whoop it’s enough for now ganks!!! I want to eat some ice cream again and enjoyin my Saturday night with my own way.

Goodnight, ganks! Have some sweet dreams :*

Love ya’ll..

Much Love,



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