My best night, ever..


Helloooo hey..

Welcome back to my blog 😀 Yeah, I want to share a new story that happened an hour ago.

Fuih, after a long time I haven’t talked yet to “someone” finally we talk again tonight. I mean, not about texting, chat on Fb or something. But I could really hear his nice voice. A masculine voice that I’ve been waiting since we stop calling each other. I just got surprised when he sent me a message and it said that he wanted to talks to me even on Skype (because it’s too hard to talk face to face this time), so I told him it was my pleasure to talk to him. It’s like ahhhh, God plans something on us. I have 4 free days, because it’s public holiday and at the same time he also has some free days, so it’s really really really a great time to talk 😀 Can’t say it enough how this time is mean for me.

I waited for him, until I get tired of sitting in front of my Notebook and I turned it off. Then when I came back he gave me a message and well, those night great conversations started. Ahh, I was feeling like. Hell yeah, damn good babyyy. After a very long time, and suddenly you can hear the sound of someone’s voice it likes, emm no words are deserve to describe it. It was feeling so so good. I don’t know what the truth gonna says.. But guys, I’m soooo happy tonight. He just made my night, alwasy! He will always be, I wish.
He knows how to makes me smile, laugh and forget something hard I have to face. He makes some humors, nice topics to talk about, even sometimes we found some awkward moments like, we keep silence, a bit nervous and something, we could still manage our time and make it worth to remember. Oh Lord, I JUST LOVE THIS MOMENT 🙂

I can’t deny, something beats my heart, I think it’s more attractive than a normal heart attack.. So, what is it called? I don’t want to tell here, in fact the doctor also cannot diagnose this disease. Hahaha

He asked me “Are you dating?” Oh God, I was blushing that time he still cares to me about my relationship. But the truth is I’m not dating any boy this time. He almost didn’t believe it cause he said I sometimes wrote lovely words on my status. But yeah, I have an awkward relationship with someone who just keep silence this day, and it makes me don’t know what to do 😦

Well, back to the topic! I asked him back whether he has a new one or not and he said NO. I’m happy to know this even I don’t know could I be that one again or not. But, to know that he’s still single after breaking is like I want something back again. I miss how we used to spend our times together. This time, we have the same position he is too busy with his course and working and me too, I’m busy enough to study in University and also working so that what makes us so hard to find a new one, the one who undertands us for sure. I don’t know it is right or not to write this all here, but I can’t deny.. I feel that those feeling gonna be back..

Our laughs, smiles, humors, how we talked about our pasts. And we made some flashbacks that made my heart a bit beats faster. It’s possible to make that last end be better. We can start everything from the very first time. Ah, I’m just too much hoping—hoping for something that won’t be real. WON’T be Fefiiii. Come on, wake up. Realize it that he will be dissapear again soon 😦

I like his favourite word: “Why didn’t we born closer?” Haha and he said he needs to talk to my parents about this matter. That time in Surabaya, was the first time how I knew your feeling to me. Damn beautiful, you got me so speechless and cried a bit cause I knew, I would have a new beautiful story with someone I used to call it only as a friend–And that time, we changed our relationship more than a friend.

I don’t wanna lose this awesome 4 days to talk to him. Dude, you still be a Man for me. A real man I want to see everyday, every where, no matter what happens. But we don’t even know what the future holds. I just need you, need you to be my spirit. Even you always tell me that you hate it when I said that you are my everything, cause you feel like you take so much responsible on it. But, deep inside, there’s still your name in this broken heart. Happy to know he listened my recording few months ago and also some poems I sent to his e-mail. I’m not that prettiest, smartest or the most romantic girl, but I have my heart which cannot be compared with other girl’s heart. That I can love you daily, and it will increased for each day if you want to give me another chance. I swear, I will be better for you. Because you are the one who taught me how to be a stronger, to be an independent girl to stand alone and face everything by myself when my boy isn’t around me. Those words, I will always keep on my mind.

Once more word,

You brought me back to the old story. An un-finished love story which I always wanted to continue. But I don’t know how you feel aabout me whether you only put me back in Friend Zone like the first time we met, or you want to give back that lovely call back; “My Girl”

So, guys. It’s 2:06 AM here. Oh Gosh, he asked me to sleep after finishing our conversation but now I still awake~~ Anyway, I’m perfectly sure that I’m gonna have some sweet dreams tonight as I end up my day talking to that one hehe.

I always like a midnight conversation like this. It makes sense.

Well, it is my Best night, ever.


With an old love from Brazil,



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