For Once A Century Date, 12-12-12.

ImageHello gorgeous people..

Hope you’re doing great, Wednesday is Dec. 12, 2012, or as some folks might write in the date field of a check: 12/12/12 (it’s already on this date by Indonesian time).. They called it as a beautiful date. Well, what is the reason behind this date? Such a mysterious thing to talk about. Honestly, I do not trust about it, even it’s just come once in a century, but all the dates are the same, rite? But some peoples say that it’s a great date to celebrate a wedding, to propose the one you love or other.

Yups, I know they want to make something special to remember on a beautiful date like this–But, is beautiful date can guarantee that you will have a last longer relationship? Oh, the answer is NO! In fact, I found so much peoples write on their status Facebook and Twitter about this date, and their plan to find someone and ask them to be his Girlfriend.. Mhh, seems so strange. eh? Why does love only be shown on this date or only on Valentine? Isn’t that love is eternal, we cannot love the one we love only on a beautiful moment like this. Well, we have our own perception. Even deep inside, I wonder how it feels like to have such a beautiful moment when a boy says he loves me on this date LOL! hahah just kidding, people!

Anyway, I just read some articles on site about this date. So now, I’m gonna write it here about what I get on those articles. Actually, I want to write something on this date about my own story but, it’s still morning here and if I imagine what would happens, emm.. Please, Fefi you have no one to make you feel so special today, whoops. So yeah, lemme write it in a general way..

That’s got some Iowans dreaming of a lucky day — or at least a quirky enough occasion to be noted as a special event. Here are 12 ways some Iowans and people around the globe are celebrating this date denoted by a trio of 12s. Here’s 12 ways people are celebrating 12-12-12.

  • Birthday. Oh yes, this is a natural celebrating I think. Cause we never planned that our birthday will be on this date. I can imagine it will be an awesome birthday party if one of you have birthday today. So lemme say “Happy Birthday”
  •  Bacon. The 8,000 tickets for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival go on sale today at 12:12 p.m. They’re even waiting 12 seconds after that, so it’s 12:12:12.
  • Gambling. Lottery ticket sales tend to spike on days with seemingly lucky dates, said Mary Neubauer, spokeswoman for the Iowa Lottery. Players in Iowa tended to buy more tickets on July 7, 2007 (7/7/07) and Aug. 8, 2008 (8/8/08)
  • Weddings. Being a Wednesday, churches, chapels and judge’s offices aren’t exactly packed with pending nuptials, but some Iowa couples zeroed in on the date
  • Football and politics. The politicians in the Wisconsin State Legislature don’t agree on much these days, but they all fell in line to support the state’s pro football franchise, the Green Bay Packers. Monday, lawmakers unanimously approved a measure making today Aaron Rodgers Day. Rodgers, the Packers’ well-regarded quarterback, wears the jersey No. 12
  • Charity concert. The 121212 concert to benefit the victims of superstorm Sandy on the East Coast airs tonight on several major cable networks and streams live on websites. The lineup includes Bruce Springsteen, who played in Iowa for free during the political season, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Kanye West, Alicia Keys and others.
  •  Movies. There’s an upcoming movie called “12 12 12.” It appears to be a gory son-of-the-devil show in the vein of “The Omen” or “Rosemary’s Baby.” However, it doesn’t open until March 2013, which seems to miss a prime marketing opportunity. Yes, today is the premiere of Indonesian movie named “5 CM” good movie to watch and I like the movie star who plays in it, Pevita Pearce 😀
  • Blogging. New Orleans, La., elementary schoolteacher Paula Naugle has asked students worldwide to blog a variety of 12-themed topics today. Schools from Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs to Australia have pledged to participate. Their efforts can be found on Twitter with the hashtag #blog121212.
  • Cosplay. In response to a Des Moines Register Facebook page query about what Iowans were going to do for 12/12/12, Stephanie Belding Marks of Stuart said her bunko group “is dressing up like the “12 Days of Christmas.”
  • Vacationing. Deavon Richards, a student at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, is finishing his finals and “going home for Christmas break! Wooo!”
  • Skiing. A resort in Crested Butte, Colo., is dropping half-day lift ticket prices to $12 today, down from the usual $45. Woaaah!
  • Shopping. Counting today, there are 12 shopping days left until Christmas. Maybe buying 12 presents will wrap up your gift purchases for the season?

After reading some beautiful moments, and this one will be different. I’m gonna tell you about what Mayan Calender says. Don’t be scare dear, we can face it, we can see what happens.. And hope nothing bad happens today. Amen. Just believe in God, he has planned everything.

So check this out!

“The Ancient Mayan calendar speaks of 12-12-2012 as the end of times as we know it, and the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet earth, humanity and the cosmos. Mayan elders say that the Ancients were informing the modern world to be ready for a giant transformation for the human race. Interestingly, traditions across the world including Buddhism, Tao, Hopi and Vedic knowledge predict a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Satyug’ in their calendars around the same period. December 2012 is being looked upon as a significant spiritual event and a momentous shift in the collective consciousness of the planet.

 12-12-12 is a beautiful opportunity for transformation and healing on a personal and global level. We are invited to allow the supportive energies of Mother Earth to open our hearts and be ready for expansion. 

This is a one-time event in our lifetime and the Earth’s history as our planet enters galactic alignment with the Great central Sun. And, BMSJ invites all those who would like to be part of this sacred journey to the powerful region of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where we will join the special events to take place in Chichen-Itza on 12/12/12″.

Well, those are 12 ways they celebrate it on 12-12-12. How ’bout you? Please feel free to lemme know your opinion about this date and, do you celebrate it in any other ways? 🙂

Stay beautiful and smart,




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