Something Old, But New For Something Else.

Dear Lover,

I drag you back here, inside my heart
I take your life and I still choose you to company me
I believe there is something unclear between us.. I know we both lots of curiousity to each other.
Some months ago, those six months were just a time.. It was just like a second now

The empty moment when you were not mine anymore. Till I closed my heart and it was hard to opened by other guys.
I don’t even know what life wants for me.. It is just so fucking special having a man that I do wanna spend my whole time with.
To feel that he is with me even we are so distance, miles away.. And when he said this love cross the ocean, between two different country that is so awkward to a normal person who is not in love.
But it is not for us. I madly in love with him.. Nothing more and nothing less than it.

I want him, with all my heart and soul.
I need him, that is all what I can say.
I truly need it to be true.. When I could lay in his arms. When he can tells me some lovely words you whisper in my ears, that I am the most important woman in this world. Damn, I must be a very special woman in this world
I am not lucky, but maybe time deserves to have a man like him

It sounds so silly, or awkward or something.. But this is my world
I don’t wanna listen what the world will says, as long as you are mine.
Nothing perfect than being loved by the one I love..
For each plan that we made, I hope, I really hope it can be true

The word miss you will be just nothing when I could see him daily in my whole time.
Is there something perfect more than it? 🙂
The words “I wish you were here” will sounds as a joke, cause I could touch your face everytime.

So, it is an old love, but nothing old than having something I wish I could always have.
Cause everyday is new, it’s new for something new..
There is nothing sounds classic, when it is all about love.

With all some old aaqwnd new love, I send you all my heart and soul across the distance,



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