Day -3!

This is what I am looking for, a month where I got a life
Almost–19 years ago I was born and grew up with my lovely family who always available for me. I am so thankful that I still with all my beautiful people in my life.
What do I asking for this birthday? Nothing. Are you sure, Fefi?! Oh… nothing but the best for every little thing in my life. Yeah, for everything.

Since few months ago, I’ve been displaying a widget which shows an event. And yes, I show my birthday date on it. Month by month and day by day, it went close to my birthday.
Those few months ago, I just saw, it was 3 months to go.. 2 months to go.. A month to go.. And uff, today when I just signed into my blog it shows me… 3 days to go
I just feel like OMG! It is so close.. That is why I just so so much glad about it..
Yeah 3 days to go!!!

What I hope last year that I still couldn’t achieve it, or some ideas that I wanna achieve this year and throughout the coming year.. I hope it will be happen this year. All my old or new dreams will come true.. Oh, that’s life.. Full of hope.

I just cannot really show how much I love my birthday.. I thank God that HE gave me a chance to see this wonderful world and live beautifully with all my great and awesome people around me. That is enough to say—my life is perfect as well!
So what should I ask more for my 19th Birthday?
If you ask me what do I ask for this birthday is never get enough, because I am the person who never say enough. I mean, I have lots of dream, and I believe in all my dreams. I believe that my life starts from a dream.
Cause what I had now, it was just my dream.. What I gotta have later, it is what I am dreaming now 🙂

Life is too beautiful if you only have one dream in your life, or you do not believe in dream. OK, I believe in my God.. Because this reality that I said came from dream is something that based on God’s blessed..
I just cannot wait how beautiful my life on 1st February. Yups, I am getting older, maturer. So I hope I mean something good for everyone around me.. I hope all the best for my study, get a better carrier, stay strong and lovely with someone for my love life. That’s ALL.

Yeah.. I am looking forward to hear something good and nice on  my birthday that is just a few days again.


Lots of love,



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