Ciao, February! I am a birthday girl

Ciao people,

It’s been too late to postpone this post 😦 Actually I’ve written few words on this new post, but then I was too busy to do my daily activity, even so I am at weekend, still I have no vibe to write it down here.. So yeah, I feel bad to myself now. Ugh
Well, it was a very special day, at least once in a year.. So I like writting on my blog but on my special day I did not write; yups, I felt uncomplete until I write something that I loved here. Luckily, I saved a post about it on 1st February so it will be showend as I post it on 1st February (is it too mportant about the date? EXACTLY!!)  ^^

First of all I thank you all that you haave followed me here, you all are the reason why I keep posting my random thoughts eheh 😀
Well, it is almost the end of the month.. Sadly, my beautiful month only has 28 days. That is what makes February so unique, lovely and yeah for me as one of the girl who was born in this month feels so madly in love with this month.
Okay, I dunno where to start actually, cause when I start writing something, suddenly some random things come up and ready to make me write more and more and dunno how to ends it up 🙂

Well, this time I wanna let you know about my special day.. My special day? What was that? Ok, it was on 1st February—was my very special day cause; it was my Birthday.
Yups, I was that birthday girl. That actually I wanna write something about me on that special day in here. Hm, I thought I had no surprise that day cause everything seemed so normal like another day. I kept thinking on myself; why is it so flat like this, huh?
But it was not like the way I thought of.. I got so many beautiful wishes for all those beautiful people in my life. I loved it.. And so at night, my lovely family gave me a surprise.. I never thought they would give me such a sweet thing like this, even I know they love me and notice my birthday. That Friday night, when I just reached homw after having Money & Banking class in University, I saw my home was so dark without no light in it, either inside or outside. And then suddenly I guessed there were some friends who gave me that surpise. And then they left the door unlocked. So I entered my room and…. They were in my room; they were  not myfriends like what I guessed but they were my Mum, Dad, Sister and my little brother. You know I got an heaven feeling that night :’) It was always touching when they do such a lovely and sweet thing like this.. My Sister gave me a lovely birthday cake, it was so damn delicious, with some cherry on it and the flavour mixed up with strawberry, dark and white chocolate. I just love it! And on this lovely birthday cake, it written “Happy B-Day our Sweetie, Fefi” GOD, I thank you for all this blessed, you gave me a precious thing in life–a wonderful family with a pretty and kind hearted Mommy like my Mum. A gorgeous sister like my Sister; a cutey brother like my Bro and also a handsome and a strong man like my Daddy.. I feel so complete. I love ’em that much. Ti voglio tanto bene.

They also gave me some presents; some clothes and also a beautiful bag. We were enjoying that night together. I really felt the real beautiful life on this Friday night. TGIF (Thanks God It’s Friday). And I also got some cute and sweet birthday wishes from my foreigner best friends like; Pamela Scaltrito, Irene Gasparre, Marc Burgess and other friends.. And I dunno why my d’chrisfefara gank did not give me a wishes on time, and in the last few mins before the day changed to 2nd February, Tiara sent me lovely messages on WhatsApp, you know it was so touched :’)

I hate it when everyone in my Campus seemed like did not v=care bout my birthday when they actually knew it ws my B-Day. I did not ask for the presents, at least they care bout me like only say a happy birthday.. Well, thatis not the main problem.. Lol

Emm, yeaaaah I was so lucky that day– 1st of February 2013, the first time John Vesely mentioned me on Twitter. He said happy birthday to me. Oh God, it was my dream since few months ago.. And then on my very special day he really did it. So, yeah it makes me more believe in my dream. I am a dreamer, but I also a dream catcher 🙂 I did not believe he did it, but well back to my dream that–nothing’s impossible. Are you envy, guys?? I think so, ups! Sorry, I am just too much happy cause it feels so complete when your idol follow and mention you on Twitter. Does he follow me? Of course he is one of my follower 😛 Are you jealous now? hehehe
He gave me a mention in the early morning on my Birthday.

Life is so beautiful when you have someone who cares ’bout you, being loved by someone is just another kind of happiness. That is another reason I have to thank you God! He is just another sweet present God gave me on my Birthday.

I think it is enough to show you all how beautiful moments I got on my special day.. Once again, I cannot stop thanking my Lord for every sweet little thing in my life. Now I am 19th years old girl who is ready to catch every pieces of my dream. I hope I can be marturer than before and hope everything goes well as it should be.
So that’s all..
Psst, I am gonna post some photos on other day and it still about my B-Day. So don’t be bored, guys! 😀

With all the loves God gives me,



2 thoughts on “Ciao, February! I am a birthday girl”

  1. Oh God … what a great day! AlHamdullah you had a great Birthday .I’m sure you deserve it!
    I can feel the bond between you and your family.you have a lovely family.God bless them all. You aren’t the only one who is happy in your birthday ,I’m so happy for you too.sadly I couldn’t send you my wishes.You have my word that I will send you one in your next Birthday.Days like these will never be forgotten. I wanted to suggest you to post some of your BD photos and ofcourse the present that you got from family and friends but then found out that you mentioned it in the last.its been 7 months and im still waiting these photos !!!! Don’t fool us and post them Fefi !!!
    I also had special Birthday,but not the same as yours… I got wishes ,hugs and kisses from Mom.no cake , no candles , no party.Nevertheless, I felt like I own this world because that was enough for me to feel like the most lucky son in the world ! I think you feel me ,right ?

    If it wasn’t weird, I would have sent you a picture of myself. Because I look totally grateful and happy for reading your post 🙂 .

    1. Glad to find you again here Mohammed,

      I never knew that there would be someone who will read my post which is not qualified to read 🙂 Sure, I feel you.. every simple wishes from the closest one like our family and friends are mean the world to me..
      And your Birthday is on 12th May, isn’t it? Sure I won’t forget it because my little brother has birthday in the same month like you.


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