Starry Night

Night after night I passed all my night here
Standing across the ocean; Waiting for a miracle happens
Night after night, I close my eyes so sound
No one sees; no one listens; and no ones understands

Night after night, I look at the night sky
I see the brightest star; that’s so wonderful
I cannot resist its beauty; it’s amazed me.
The stars shine; so bright.
What a night!
I tell myself it’s just another kind of happiness

I feel so peace on mind..
I keep staring at the one star, the brightest star.
It shines brighter and brighter for each night.
I admire it..
This star is so close to me YET so far
Far.. Far.. Far away.

Now I am standing on the other part of the world
Watching what happens in other side of this earth.
Keep saving what I think it is good to me
Summer has gone; comes the rain..
I am so excited; right here right now

Alone–the cold night comes to attack me
My body covered by the warmth of this starlight.
I sit right to the bonfire.. The warmness feels so good on my body

How very stuble this situation is?
We can only guess in part by the apparent capriciousness and incomprehensibility of its occasional action.
Once in a lifetime; it’s so different
This is the grace of life if you learn to understand every little thing
Makes what impossible turns to possible.

I go this far, far.. far away to go back home again
I countdown the days to come; But I get no answer then
I won’t give up to touch this beautiful star
As long as I stand in the right direction, there is nothing can stop me walking

I walk thousand miles to catch it
To go, wherever my biggest dream is
To see, how beautiful my life is, when I can meet this star
I can say that, I get attached on this star
Yes, no matter how far miles apart. I want to fight for it
I want this adorable star down to earth; be my true light.

Cause deep down, inside this clam heart,
That, this beautiful dream will come true.
When it is good and right, it will find a way; No matter what!
When the night turns to daylight; where I have to leave in awhile
We do what’s our own; ’til we meet at night
And then we can share; what happens when we do our own live

Cause you know, the star will always shines into my heart,
No matter the time flies..
Here comes the morn; the smell of freedom comes to mind
The morning dew; it’s like a gallon of water.
It warms up my soul; to see another kind of beauty

Cause I need it; and so I believe
It’ll good at the right time.. Life’s absurd
But the sense of belonging is absolute.
They may say I can’t; they may say whatever they wanna say
Say it, and watch me!
I will show you how to stop laughing and how to appreciate me later.

‘Cause the beauty of this start–is enough to be my guidance.
And oh, so I adore this starry night.
Sparkling stars mixed up to splendid night-sky;
My life’s complete..
Even it is just an hidden feeling. Cause wherever I go;
I feel this one star always be with me..
It watchs me out from above.. So who says that I am far from the reality?

Let me stand strong; Against all such evil that seem like a normal person
‘Til the say to come along; when I shouldn’t stand alone.
No doubt, I will whisper to this star… Cause I love you to the moon and back”


Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Starry Night”

  1. I wanna meet you in real to explain to me how did you write this !!!!
    Oh God!!!!! It’s soo Amaaaaaaaaazing !!! and soooooo sooooooooo touching.
    Now you are a star in my sky .. I will always remember your words …
    Beach , Football , Friends , Chat , Internet , Mom/Dad , Family , Mom Again , Writing , Reading , GF , Music , Movies and “You “ …. I love all these 🙂

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