Love in 9,677 miles (15,574 kilometers)

ImageI would not gonna run, run away to face this cruel  life.I would not gonna die, die alone with some lonesome.
I would just gonna stay, stay under the sky, and keep sending someone my love thru the air.

I would only run to catch him, to catch his heart even I have to walk, and it takes 3,225.67 hours (193,540 minutes) at a rate of 3 miles per hour in a straight line.
Or even to fly, it still takes 17.60 hours (1056 minutes) at a rate of 550 miles per hour in a straight line.

So see baby, we go through all this miles.
Across some continents and some deep blue ocean.
Love is so magic, and your love is magical..
Hard to imagine that a part of me is on the other side of the world..
Hard to wake up and realize that you are not right here beside me.
But this feeling is just too beautiful to deny, I just cannot deny it. I just can’t be so naive to myself.
This is the greatest feeling I ever had.
Through all ups-and-down, through the miles.
We see the stars under the same sky, but in different time.

Ten hours ahead drives us crazy sometime.
When you are awake, that is time for me to sleep
When I am wide awake, this is the time for you to go sleep.
This is so unique, it is amazed me.
How do this is makes me this strong..

This is the beauty of a great feeling called “love”
The beauty itself I can see only thru your eyes, your smile that I could only see from afar now..

The promises and plans have made
It takes long time enough to see you standing right here next to me.
But I hope… Our time is worth it
We deserve to get what people says as happiness.
A real happiness that needs time to reach it; to go with it.

If I  was there standing and waiting for you, and I am still keep on waiting now, till tomorrow or maybe till some day we make it through
Until we build a castle of happiness; that full of much love.
Make it happens for ever lasting.

I love you through the moon and beyond,



6 thoughts on “Love in 9,677 miles (15,574 kilometers)”

      1. aaaakkkk dibales kaka pepih aaakkk wkwk
        baru mulai ada niat ngeblog kaka makanya baru baca baca :3

  1. I read your post 5 times. And still enjoying reading it .
    Your thoughts are like my favorite movie , I keep watching it and still enjoying it like the first time I watch !
    There are many writers , everyone has different way in writing and different thoughts. I just love your way. also your topics are similar to what I really like to read .
    while I’m reading your words , I noticed ” 15,574 kilometers ” and ” 10 hours ” , then curiosity is killing me to know who is that lucky person who lives far away and deserves a beautiful words like yours ! then I found out that he/she is Brazilian.
    You read me like a book because you exactly describe how I feel and live at the moment with my “LDR”. I lived them all , and its happening to me everyday.
    your last sentence “I love you through the moon and beyond, ” just killed me thousand times. It holds deep feelings.
    You should put all your posts in 1 book and I’m sure many people will seek to read it. Don’t let this passion and feelings be in vain.
    I really dont know how to thank you….

    1. Damn , I just can’t get your words out of my mind .
      That’s good feeling. I love to read it again while listening to some of my favorite songs… one of these songs ” When You’re Gone -Avril “. I’m sure you know it .
      Also your words help me when I miss my GF. I forgot to mention that there is 6 hours difference between me and her 🙂 . Its hard to handle this and drives me crazy. However , when we get together , It will be like fire up of missing each others.
      Thanks again …

      1. Hello again Mohammed,

        Thankyou again for visiting my blog 🙂 Hm you really don’t have to thank me, but I should thank you for keep my spirit and passion up to write more. I do not think my posts are goood enough for everyone to read, and few days ago I almost hide some posts because I think it does not have good words. But thankyou again, I do not think my thoughts will inspire somene, I am sure you are a good writer too as you really chose good words to say to me. Of course I like “When You’re Gone” firstly, I love Avril Lavigne and then this song reminds me of someone .. You haven’t given your link yet 😦 I would like to read your blog too. ^^

        Keep reading buddy,

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