Day: 9 (Random Imagination)

Hi, all.. This is my first poetry on this NaPoWriMo Challenge that is actually already on day 9.
Emm, I did not give it a concrete title as my thoughts are really random this time.. So here comes this poetry that is just come suddenly and… sometimes, short words are so classy, for you who knows how to arrange your thoughts into words.. Enjoy!

Adieu, I love you.
Adieu, I love you.

I am seeing the morning dew comes to fall
I am wondering, is there something that wouldn’t come back at all?

Stand so close to the door in my bedroom
Singing a song that won’t makes you feels so blue.
Imagine if you dance with someone in the ballroom
Keep putting your hands on his waist, like you know his love is true.
And you hear a noise comes suddenly
Ruin your night that you think it would be so lovely
The night seemed longer than before when you said;
But the wind blow my heart and sometimes it sounds like you still say;
I love you..

All the best,



2 thoughts on “Day: 9 (Random Imagination)”

  1. I’m just happy because someone in this world still have a soft and comforting words .
    These words inspire me and motivate me to write my thoughts too.
    It’s not easy to write poetry … only people who has feelings .
    once again … Thank you so much !

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