When Life Knocks You Down


  “When life knocks you down to your knees, that is the best and perfect position to pray”

       I find myself just sitting in front of the laptop and realizing that things have changed. So it means I’ve changed too. Sometimes, some beautiful things happen unexpectedly, you didn’t ask for it or you may never thought it could be this hard to  you. The unexpectable  things sometimes happen and bring you to the deep depression. I realized I have changed from what I used to be. I have changed to be a girl who sometimes like to do something that I promised I would not do it–but  still, I know my limit,  things I shouldn’t do or even only to try.

      For those who said that I have changed and see me from a bad side, thankyou. So now I also know that I might be wrong to think that you understand me so well. In fact you don’t.  For those who never told me that they hate me or they like to talk about me behind my back, that is good to give you my sweetest smile, that I am gonna make you realized I will change too much by won’t see you as a person I used to be. People will always have something to say about you; no matter what you do.

They may just expect you to be someone, the best one for everything as possible as you could.. But they never know who you really are. They never know your limits. So there will be come a day when you feel like you are alone when actually you are not! It is just a feeling of letting everyone go and leave you all alone. Sometimes it’s best. I like to sit back and  relax myself in my room and create my own world by listening to the most random musics, and let my mind flies away to imagine or settle things up. I always need time to be alone to calm down myself from anger.

And now I can say that I am tired. That’s all. Sometimes you think by having something in your life will make your life happier, that’s not true at all. Are you sure it won’t leaves you? You will spend your bad day alone. I am not gonna be so dramatic over a thing now, just wanna say that life has its ups and downs, the way we deal with thing is the most important thing to survive.

You will feel so down, like you just need to be alone  in the room to shout out load, and no one will listens. When life knocks you down, you just have to stand up and looking for a better thing. Don’t ever let yourself down and crying over a thing, stop dwelling on the past, you better show them off that you can handle the worst thing of your life, never say never and, never say you can’t. Don’t be so easy to give up on things you believe you can handle.

When life knocks you down, you have to stary strong and better give your smile to the universe.
When your life knocks you down, stop comparing your life to someone’s life, you have the most beautiful life in your hands; you just do not realize it.
When your life knocks you down, be wise.. Let it be something to teachs your life to be more meaningfull..

After all….. When life knocks you down to your knees, that is the best and perfect position to pray.. God loves you no matter what. HE will never leave you.



2 thoughts on “When Life Knocks You Down”

  1. Again Fefiana , You are such an amazing writer.
    I love your thoughts. And im enjoying reading your post. And now , you are my #1 favorite writer.
    When life knocks me down , I just give myself a rest,replay my life tape and learn from my mistakes.
    Many people out there will tell you that you failed and you cant reach your goals. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say : ” Watch me”.
    after all , everyone has the down and up ,the most important thing is how you deal with it. Some give up and stay down, others get stronger and stand up. The one who wins is the one who changes the fail with success . And remember , everything with God’s hands. You might find that all doors are closed.That moment , no one can help you but God. So , keep in mind that our success is by God willing.
    I also wrote about similar topic ” Never Give Up ” but I dont know if its good idea to post it here because your writing is much better 🙂 .

    Thank you again for the amazing topic.

    1. Dear Mohammed,

      Thank you, you just made my day by giving and saying that I am your first favorite writer, in fact I ma not a writer. I post my thoughts here because I like writing, and it is the way for me to express my feeling, some hidden feelings maybe. Hehe

      But I am so glad that you like it, emm.. Can I have your blog link?

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