Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye

“What if you could pick one day of your life, and everything would stop changing, every day would be similar and comparable to that one day, you’d always have the same people with you? If you could do that, would you do it? Would you pick that day and make that choice? We crave for things to stop changing, we wish that things would never change. But if we got what we wanted, there are so many things that are better, that we would never, ever know about. Sure, things would stay the same as that one wonderful day, but then there would be nothing else out there, ever.
So can you remember the very first day when everything really did begin to change? Is there a thing that can remind you? Mine is a blue rose, and that’s when everything began to change because that’s the day I began to believe in things I never believed in before; the day I found three blue roses. Think about your first day of change, can you remember all the new heights you’ve soared since that day? All the new people? All the better things and times? Would you throw all of that time away? I wouldn’t. Instead, I want to finally accept all the things that I couldn’t change, which led to me being right here, right now. Maybe we all carry around inside us one day we wish we could keep forever, something we wished never did change. It’s time to let go of that day, and soar”.

C. JoyBell C.


4 thoughts on “Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye”

  1. Ciao Fefiani.
    Terima kasih sudah mampir di blogku. AKu di MIlan untuk kuliah S3. Sekarang lagi penelitian di Indonesia. Akhir tahun ini akan kembali ke sana, insyaallah.
    Facebookku: Ayah Aqiel.

  2. Everyday I think of this .how my life would be if I didn’t do that mistake.what if I chose this instead of this.why I didn’t do this when I met that person…. Etc. but think about it,what if you chose a thing and your life became miserable ? you would regret it more.so always keep these things to God and thank him for everything because God always choose the best for you.and I really accept my life as it,nothing less nothing more.just love my life.

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