Writing is my form of escape.

Writing is the time when my mind and soul make a great combination to talk..

Writing is one of my way to speak, when my mouth cannot describe a thing. Cause writing is my passion..

Writing is something I am in love with. Writing is the sound of my heart, its speak more than I could ever say. Writing is a good thing to do when I have too much imaginations. Writing is a freedom of speech. Writing is a beautiful thing that I may  left unspoken.  Writing is my attempt at being an honest person.

Writing is an art; where I can draw all my feelings – where I can sing the memories in my mind..

Writing is when my mind, body, soul and heart singing together in a beautiful melody. Writing is when you are brave enough to speak your mind.

Writing is a way to convince myself that my thoughts and ideas aren’t an abstract thing.

And after all…….. Writing is my form of escape.




4 thoughts on “Writing is my form of escape.”

  1. you always come with beautiful words … As I expect from you Fefi ….
    Writing is my tool in which I use to express myself. My words are my thoughts, and my thoughts reflect my feelings, and my feelings project me as a person.
    just like every word in your posts … it reflects who you are …
    Thanks for sharing …

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