Beautiful as ever.

Kind of cheery day. This cozy weather brings me lots of feeling. Kinda lazy to get my ass out of bed, and start doing my 9 to 5 (aka working).Well, it’s been a while since I wrote a post here, now I have a desire to write down my feeling again. Even though I have many things to write but then I just saved it on draft. And today, I just reading a news about Kate Middleton, yes, The Duchess of Cambridge. Who doesn’t know her? Everyone does!

Kate-Middleton-03She is such an inspiring woman. The way she talks, the way she walks, and her smile is so captivating. No wonder why Prince William chosed her to be his wife. She deserves what she has now. I love to see her laugh and smile, it inspires me to be a cheerful-girl.Beside that, I like the way she dress up. It is not because she wear most of branded stuff from the most popular designers, but it is more about how she presents it by the way she act. Such a lovely lady.
Don’t ask me what is her flaws, because all I wanna say is she is so flawless I couldn’t even find where is her flaws. I never saw her ugliness-of course-she never will be. Even she was being pregnant, she still looked so much stylish. I never found her pictures with no smile on her face, it means she always put this beautiful smile on her face. Really, I cannot stop adoring her beauty.

And now she is become a Mommy, a lovely Mom to her son, The Royal Highness,  Prince of Cambridge, Prince George. This is my first post about my idol, I have so many inspiring people around me or some favorite idols. But this one, I cannot resist to adore her beauty, her attitude, behaviour and her intelligence. She is beautiful as ever. And I think she’s the right person  to be a role model, to act, to dress up, and to be a lovely and kind hearted lady like her.
Wish one day I can go to the UK, and have a chance to meet her although only one in a lifetime.

From Indonesia with love,



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