I’m officially 20.

ear God, on this fine morning, I wake up. I am not going to complain, but I wanna thank you for everything you’ve given to me.

You give lovely family, nice friends, and wonderful experiences since 20 years ago.
My twenties have quietly arrived..

I realize, I should stop complaining and start thanking you for every single day about how grateful I am to get this chance to be a better person every year.
This year, is the end of my teenage year, and so it also means that this is the phase of my life where I should be more productive, and maturer than before.
When I was just 10 years, I putted something in mind that 20 means we start entering an adult phase in our life. An it also means we have to focus about our future. For example like, study hard to get good grades, graduate from University with the Accounting Bachelor Degree, find a better job, have a serious relationship with that one special guy (which I still don’t know who he is. Well.), and marry someone, have a baby, and live happily ever after. And oh, that sounds so fairytale.
But, yep, all of these will be started at 20s. So yeah. I don’t want to take a wrong step.

But now, it’s time to enjoy this moment.. Being 20 isn’t that old, and it’s fun so far. Oh, yeah in the afternoon I got a surprise from my family. My sister and her friend came home and brough me a birthday cake (this time it was a chocolate birthday cake), and she gave me a gift; it’s a lovely blazer.
This is what I called as happiness, it was just a simple celebration. But it means the world to me because I am glad that I am surrounded by lovely people like them.
For me birthday is not all about celebration, but it more about the moment to thank God that I am alive, healthy and have so much love from people around me. That is more than enough. I couldn’t ask for more. And I am sure, there will be another great moments I will enjoy this month, as my friend said it’s my month so I deserve to have all of these happiness.
And on this chance, I’d like to thank each of you who sent me birthday wishes. I am so happy to read those lovely wishes, may all the joy and happiness be with you too.
Special tanks for my Mum, Dad, sister and brother, Pamela Scaltrito (she’s my best Italian friend.. oh, she made my day with her beautiful birthday text. Ti viglio bene), Irene Gasparre, Fakhri and all of my friends that I cannot  mention each of you here. Thank you all!!




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