And I’ll try, to fix you.

“Lights will guide you home,
  And ignite your bones.
 And I will try to fix you…”

Music can help us to feel calm on a grey day. When you are feeling happy, you like listening to a happy song. When you are sad, you go to your playlist and listen to a sad song.  It is like, music can express all of your feelings when your heart cannot show what you are feeling inside, and your mouth is too tired to explain a thing. So music can be so helpful to any situations. There are some songs that I really like to listen and never get bored to keep it on repeat. Every song has its own memory, I could go back to the old story whenever I listen to a certain song. But this  one song by Coldplay really catches my attention. It has a great meaning. More than that, it’s so inspirational. When I was going through a breakup with my ex, these lyrics struck such a comforting chord with me, because I was trying to help myself realize I could do so much better than before, so I had to let him go in search for a better one that I deserve.

The song actually written by Chris to his wife after her father passed away. But it can fit in any other situations, such as break up, or this song help us to not give up when we didn’t get what we want . This song gets me so emotionally feel calm and relax while listening to it, it is a very optimistic song. The lines are so touching and meaningful.. Every single word that is written in this song, has a deep meaning and it express every single feeling. “And the tears come streaming down your face. When you lose something you can’t replace. When you love someone but it goes to waste, could it be worse?” in my opinion it’s like, when we lose something that means so much for us and we don’t even know how to replace it, because it can’t be replaced in our heart. Can you imagine how does it feel? And the next line talks about when we love someone but might be the person doesn’t love us the same way. Or, the person doesn’t even care about our feeling. It must be so hurtful… It makes you feel like you are at the peak of your broken heart. And make you think that there will be nothing  more hurtful than this. And high up above and down below. When you’re too in love to let it go. But if you never try, you’ll never know. Just what you’re worth…” These lines have deep messages. This song teachs me how to letting go of something or someone in order to get what we worth later. It is like when I loved someone so much and I had to learn to let it go, because the love wasn’t for the two of us anymore. I meant, to care, to love and to respect to each other is something necessary when you are in the shit called relationship. So when one of the two people-who-generally called as couple stop caressing, loving and respect to one another, it means that love isn’t there anymore. So it’s time to let it go, because, one sided lover or expectations can mentally destroy you.
That is all my opinion about this song.. My advice is, that we shouldn’t give up so easy when we don’t succeed, because you will actually get what you really need instead of something that you want. And, we have to learn to let go of something or someone that is not worth your time. Because sooner or later you will find a better one to fix all of your problems. Maybe sooner, or later. But if it’s mean to be, it will be.




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