A day full of happiness at Dutch Embassy

Time goes by so fast. It’s  already in the middle of year. So far, 2014 has been so wonderful. So many things I did this year. 
I attended some very special and great events this year. For example like, last Saturday. When we just desperate of having some free time to enjoy ourselves with friends.
So we decided to go to Dutch Embassy to watch some movies on  the event Eroupe on Screen, that will be held on 2nd May until 11th May 2014. I myself was so excited  about it. 
When we arrived there, I was surprised because I thought it would be totally crowded with the folks. So we registered and then get the free ticket to watch the movie. The first movie we watched is ; Walesa: Man of Hope or  (Walesa: Czlowiek z nadziei) in Polish.
As we were gonna watch a Polish movie, so we got a warmed welcome from the Polish folks. There are some wines, cakes and other that well served. I enjoyed it there with everyone in the room. Let me make a review about this movie (in my version, of course!).

The movie talks about a man named Lech Walesa, an electrician at the Gdańsk Shipyards, participated in 1970’s local demonstrations.  He is so brave to speak his mind, so the labours really respected him. In the 1970s, Poland is a poverty-stricken country under a communist regime. Prices are rising rapidly and the secret police is controlling every corner. Where there seems to be no hope for better conditions, Lech Walesa sets out to fight for equal rights. He is a born leader who can easily inspire crowds, but he is also a family man who loves his wife and his six children. Seen as troublemaker, Walesa is blackmailed by the authorities into signing a promise to work as an informer. Else, they would take it out on his wife and on their new-born baby. His mixture of bravery, determination and being in the right place at the right time elevates some people’s hopes beyond their wildest dreams. 
This one of the great and powerfull movies I ever watched, but then again it is typical-quite-serious-movie. With a samll jokes only, exactly.

And then we decided to watch the second movie, so we need to registered again to get another ticket. The movie already started when we came to the auditorium. This one is a Portuguese movie, The Gilded  Cageor La Cage Doree. This movie talks about an immigrant couple from Portugal.
They moved around 30 years ago to Paris and started a family there. Jose and Maria’s children, unlike their parents, are well adapted to the Parisian lifestyle and have no emotional attachment to their hiomeland. The cultural gap between parents and children are intensified when Jose receives news from back home that he inherited a vineyard. The parents are excited to go back, whilethe children refuse to leave their “homeland”

To add the complicated situation, Jose and Maria’s employers are determined to not let them go so easily, considering how valuable they are.
Through a simple and clever screenplay, first-time feature writer/director Ruben Alves explores the cliché behaviour of both the Portuguese and the French characters. THE GILDED CAGE presents a comic clash of cultures and classes with charm and humour. This heart-warming comedy received a nomination for Best First Film at the 2014 César Awards (French-Oscar) and won the Audience Award at the 2013 European Film Awards.
I just cannot help myself but laugh out loud during the movie. It was totally an  interesting movie. We lost in happiness with Dutch people there.A worth watching movie, I even hoping that the duration will last longer.

Oh yes, almost forget to say ths. This is an annual event. Besides Dutch Embassy, you can also watch this movie at IFI, IIC,and some other venues.But this time we just wanted to go to Erasmus Huis, so that’s why.
These movies only has subtitle in English not in Indonesian.

We finished watching these movie around six. And we went to Epicentrum Mall to had dinner. It was such an incredible day to hang out with my college friends. What a day!



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