A night to remember: A night with Secondhand Serenade

“In the moonlight, your face is glow.. Like a thousand diamonds……”

We screamed. We laughed. We sang along together on the fine night with the adorable guy, John Vesely ( he’s well known as Secondhand Serenade). Yeah, that was a perfect night, on Wednesday night at Senayan, Jakarta. I could not be able to forget every piece of this story. For another chance, I could be there to witness how cool John Vesely is :). My high school friends and I have planned it long before the due-D. So we were really excited to see it that night. Woahhh, all that I could remember is that we really had fun. Yeah we did! It was too crowded, all were sweating but it was worth it. Words cannot describe itt (well, maybe it sounds like I’m exaggerated), but for those who admit themselves as the number one fans will do so). And I believe that all of you know; how does it feel to be at the same place with your favourite singer, and see him directly and sing along together. I went there at 5:30 pm after work and luckily I have  someone to pick me up there hehe. But, unfortunately, we did not meet another 2 friends. Because they already went inside. But it did not make this concert less special..

What else??? Oh yeah, John brought his girlfriend (Veronica Ballestrini) on the stage, ugh. They sang a song, La La Love when Ardi and I still seriously crazy to find where the Campina stage is haha. We just followed the crowd and try to ask some strangers but most of them did not know Secondhand Serenade (and we were like, what the hell are you saying?). We followed where the sound came from. And luckily, we met a guy, and he’s Ardi’s friend, so we finally found the stage after 30 minutes walking aorund and found nothing.
And woah, I just saw a video on youtube. And guess what?  I missed a song that he played on the opening of this concert (well, this is because we couldn’t find the stage quickly). He sang “Fix You” by Coldplay. I really wanna cry when I know that. That’s one of my favourite song.

So here is the end of the post, I will let you enjoy some of pictures we took and also the link of the videos that I uploaded on youtube (mostly it was taken by Ardi, because I am too short to shoot it by myself, as we stand not so close to the stage. Ha!) I wish I could take some other good photos and videos, but, the problem is I forgot to delete some old photos and videos on my digital camera, shit happened. And guess what, he took a selfie with Veronica and with the folks as the background.
I feel so loved by you, for some reason you have made my day. You followed me on twitter, you sent me ahappy birthday wishes on twitter and…. I could see you right in front of me. This is a wonderful feelings.

 Last but not least, lemme, thank you so much John for coming and  let us had an amazing night. It was an incredible show! High five. Well, I wish I can go to watch other concerts this year, or in the coming year.

P.s:  Have fun dear jealousy hearts! 😀

Watch the video that I recorded, here, and  here!




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