Everybody is a political expert

Well. I am sick of those fanatic Indonesian young voters now-a-days. They keep posting their own perspective about their favourite presidential candidate. I am a newbie for joining this election, too. But to be honest, I think their spirit to vote for (so-we-called) a better Indonesia isn’t right. I know that some of you may know that I am just turning 20 this year, and it also means that this year going to be my first time to experience how to do, and how it feels like to be first-time voter.
But what I am going to say here, is, they keep posting about black campaigns. Yes, negative campaign is good to know the negativity from each party or candidate. But, they do it in a wrong way, they keep spreading bad issues about other candidates that they do not like and sometimes it did not based on facts. Who are you to judge without even knowing the real facts? Yes, it is their own right to say their words, whatever. But the freedom itself has right. And they like to think that their party or favourite candidate are the best and the right one. Some social media sites seem like  places to show their favourite presidential candidate and how good they are at trying to be a political expert. In fact, you and I are just new first-time voters, dear dude.
Some young voters like to make a joke about other candidate, which leads to a big argument (isn’t it sounds too silly? Have an argue with friends or relatives about this silly damn thing?) In fact, they do not even know about us, and never will!  It’s good to see that some of us, the young voters realize how important our participation for this election. 
But dear, we did not experience reformasi or life during the New Order period, and probably only generally know that a man by the name of Soeharto led the country for a long period. We have grown up in a different Indonesia than those who were 12 years old in 1998, who still experienced the turbulence of that historical year. So neither you nor I we know nothing about  how life was some years ago. But at least, we can open our eyes and mind to see and to listen some story about the victim of its reformasi. Seems like money is everything back then. If you say something bad about the President or its goverment, then the next day you will be nothing but the victim of their arrogance. That’s what I know based on some sites on the net and even my lecturer said so. You can ask the victim’s family if you want to know the real story behind this tragedy.They are anywhere to be found.

So it has been two periode for us to witness the debate between two candidates. What makes it more interesting is that we, some young voters also have some debats on social media, especially Twitter and Path. No kidding, but I heard that some of young voters were fighting with their friends because of different perspective. Is it what the real democracy for? To judge, and fight because of different point of view. To end up a friendship because  they think they have different opinion? What a shame! No, that’s not what the Government expects from us.
As I know, one of the fundamental law about elections is Langsung, Umum, BEbas dan Rahasia, which well known as LUBER. But what I found out know? Everybody’s seems so right to say who is their favourite presidential candidate.We forget that elections should has those principles; (Direct, Public, Free and Secret elections).
So now, everybody’s a new political expert. They have very strong opinion about their candidate, they prefer to fight than end up the debate to keep their friendship.

Who am I to say this? No, I am nothing compares to those real political experts. My Dad is not one of those candidates neither my family nor a fanatic from any parties. I am just an Accounting student, and also a  blogger who tries to speak my mind, and maybe can help you to open your eyes and mind, to think before you speak.  To play the game and follow the rules. To understand first before debating for uncertain thing.
After all, I hope we can choose what’s  best for the better Indonesia later. Use your right to vote a candidate that is deserve to be our next President. Whatever your choice is, I will always be your friend.

See you on 9th of July! 🙂


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