Let yourself be free

There’s always something in life you can’t hold
Even if you try your best to reach it
You failed…
You have to do things in life that sometimes you do not like
But you just cannot pull yourself out of it
You just cannot run away from reality
You follow the rules, be mainstream
They asked you to jump, you jumped
They asked you to smile, then you gave fake smiles
They asked you to run faster, you run even faster
They ask you to swallow your pride, you did it
And soon, they will ask you to kill yourself, will you do it?

Will you keep doing something you do not like?
Will you keep doing the things your heart tells you to stop doing it?
Will you let ’em to be an author of your life story?
Will you depend your life on their words? Follow what stupid people say?
Only to be the same like others. I said NO, I WON’T.

This is my own life, I have a big deal to do with it
It is my problem, not yours
This is the way I want to do my life, stop assuring me to do something else in order to be the same like you.
You make ones feels ashamed about themselves
You make a joke, you laugh you think you own the world?

I thought everybody in this world loves peace
I thought they also love differences
As soon as I realized it, and then I figured it out
Things are changing, it won’t be the same
Like it used to be

They don’t know what they do can affected someone’s life
They don’t know, that deep inside, their heart are screaming, they are crying
They fake a smile to show that they are good enough at hiding any problems
I am tired, tired of trying to convince myself that this world is going to be a peaceful place

No one has right to write the script of your own life
No one has right to ask you to stop doing this and that
No one…..



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