Today’s thought: dissertation!

Come to think of my dissertation, it’s closer and closer to work on it. I don’t  exactly know why Isuddenly think about this creepy thing. Well that basically because I think too much and too far ahead about every little thing. Oh yes, dissertation isn’t that simple. It’s a big thing. I am in semester 6 already, and in the middle of October, I will start the new semester, which is semester 7. Closer and closer to dissertation things. Feels like I’ve just attended the inauguration in my campus and now it’s almost that time to start doing my final project. I’ve made some lists about the title of my dissertation, and saved it on my laptop. But I don’t know whether I will pick one of them or not. I need to do some researchs before start doing it. I still do not know what kind of things I will discuss more on my dissertation. It confuses me by now!

I hope that when the time comes, I will be ready to face it and enjoy doing it. I always think that anything worth having, they do not come easy or free. It needs sweat,  time, energy, determination and hard work to accomplish it. But in the end, we will realize that it’s all worth our time and money. I have some friends who currently studying overseas. It’s always interesting  to know about their study  while living abroad, it motivates me to study hard (or even harder) to get a chance to be like them. It may hard to live far from my home country, far from my parents and especially my Mom, but I really want to experience it, at least once in a lifetime. I’ve talked about it to Mom several times, and she said, if I want to study abroad, it should be in Malaysia, Singapore or Australia (because these countries are close enough to Indonesia). Well, honestly, I want to experience the European cultures, live in the UK, Italy, or other European country seem so interesting to me. I am already excited to just imagine it. 

I finally got my TOEFL result. I’ve expected to get more but well,  the result shows that I got 500 in PBT (Paper-Based Test). I need to improve my English skill again in order to be able to apply for study abroad. Aside from that,  I am willing to learn other foreign languages, such as Italian, French or others. But the important point is that I should prepare everything before start working on my dissertation.. Cannot wait to be the student in the final year, and I think I will post the progress here.. If only I get time for that 🙂

Last but not least, I would love to  know how was your dissertation? How long did you finish it? What’s the best memory that you ‘ll never forget about dissertation? Let me know! Sharing is caring 🙂



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