You Were Special

You were special
Oh, you were special…

You once walked in my life
Like a star you gave me light
But I wasn’t care enough to feel your existance
I gave you hopes
I gave you a part of my heart
But I did not promise I would stay
I never did.
I gave you my time, my whole day to talked to you
I guess I was mean the world to you
You said that I was special
You said it more than once
…and when you said it, I knew you mean it.
Now I am passing the street you used to drive me home,
Suddenly our favourite song’s playing and I’m singing alone
I remember it used to be “our favourite song” in your car
I smiled. A lot.
You flirted at me. I flirted back.
You told me your secrets, your biggest secret
You trusted me
But I was in a hard time trying to believe that it was true,
That you were fucking serious
That you wanted me to be yours
I was not really into you
I belonged to other
I thought, he was the one

I thought I would be happier with him
I thought, he would never leave
I thought you’d never complained while I was still his
But those were my only imaginations.
It’s hard to wake up after having such a bad dream
The nightmare feels so real,
As real as the feeling of missing you
That was one, or two years ago
The best beginning of my college life
So How are you now?
We never talked, but we still  know our activity each other
We just didn’t realize that we notice each other
We were like stranger now
….and I realize that was my fault.
The fire I gave you
It burnt inside your heart
Your feeling’s dead. With no farewell I let you go
And I remember you stood so close to me
You waited me patiently, and I gave you a damn
And now you know that, you waste your time
I always picture the best memory we had
The simple things like these that I miss; the scent of your perfume
The way you drive your car
The way you walk
The way you stare at me
The way you tease me like a child
The way you tell me your stories
And the way you call me,

From the girl you used to love,


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