Spent Independence Day with my Australian Friend

Happy 69th Independence Day of Indonesia..

Well, I finally decide to publish this post that I’ve saved it since August..
Started my weekend off right with my sister and my lovely Australian friend, Jasmine Chapman. Yes, we knew each other since November 2013, but we just got a chance to meet last week on Sunday.. It  was a very special day as we celebrated the Independence Day of Indonesia. We had a plan to meet around 10 am, but she arrived  at 9:20, 40 minutes earlier than we expected, well, pretty much different with Indonesian (you know what? Jam Karet). So it was not hard to find her because she’s the only foreigner who was there. We decided to go to Kota Tua (Oldtown Jakarta). We talked a lot on our way to Kota Tua, she’s so lovely and very kind. When we arrived there, we met Bapak Ahok (Governor of Jakarta), he had an interview in front of Fatahillah Museum. We went to see him there and took some pictures of him. Some teenagers came to us and asked Jasmine to take a picture together. And then we moved to another historical places like: Museum Wayang, Museum Pos Indonesia, Museum Bank Indonesia, Museum Bank Mandiri and we took some pictures together in front of those buildings, and around the canal that look pretty much like in Amsterdam. Oh yes, the buildings along the street were designed in Dutch style, I could imagine how nice it is to live in the Netherlands, because I adore its architecture and all those beautiful canals that surrounded by colourful building. So interesting!

It was hot-sunny-day, I could feel the sun burnt my skin. After an hour walking around Kota Tua,we went to Monas by Transjakarta, it was her first experience I guess. It was too crowded. We had lunch together as soon as we arrived at Monas. We had Nasi Goreng (the only Indonesian food she likes beside tempe goreng). Fyi, she can speaks Inonesian, she knows some Indonesian songs and also she can dance Saman. After  we had lunch we took some pictures and had some chit chat. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside Monas or other museums because they were all closed. It was such a good day for me to spent Independence Day with this gorgeous girls and I am so happy to know that she will be staying in Indonesia for 6 months.. So many places I would like to show her.. 

It is always a dream of mine to meet new people, to get to know their culture. One day, I wish I can go to so many beautiful countries around the world. 
P.S: I just found some article that talk about Jasmine, you can read the article here and here. Woah.. I am so proud of you, Jas! Thank you so much for loving my country, thanks for your dedication and enthusiasm to form a platform (BISA at La Trobe University) where the students can get together and share their love for the language. So proud of you! 

For my Indonesian readers, let’s appreciate what foreign people do to our country, sometimes they can do greater things than us to keep promoting our language and cultures. I am so happy to know you Jas, and meeting you was an incredible time for me. Cannot wait to see you again!

Enjoy the pictures! 🙂



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