Almost is never enough

Hello again, it’s been quite long since my last post and I am kinda miss my blog. So this evening after preparing for my presentation next week, I sit back and listening to some songs. Suddenly, I remember that my classmate, Putri suggested me to listen to Ariana Grande’s song. That time we had a final exam and our lecturer did not come to the class, so we just listening to musics while doing our final exam :”). She said I might like this song because it really has a great meaning. True, I am falling in love as soon as I listen to it. The title is really intriguing, “Almost is never enough”. Yes, how could I not love this song? I mean, come on, the title says it all. But hey, I am not going to write the meaning of this song, and I’m not going to discuss how adorable Ariana Grande’s voice is! So don’t stop reading, let’s see what I am gonna write this time 😀

Almost is never enough…

Yes, it never will. Almost is really never enough :”) I know well what “almost” is, but I really interested to look up this word in dictionary. So I found this meaning in Oxford Dictionary, it says, “not quite; nearly; slightly short of, not completely”. How do you feel if you almost win a competition? How do you feel if you almost pass the test? How do you feel if you almost win a trip to Europe? How do you feel if you almost dated your crush? Ahhh :”) You got it! Now you truly know what “almost” means. Now you can imagine how terrible and painful the word almost is. Almost, almost, almost, no matter how much and how many times you say it, it’s never enough to show that you’re “there” already. Because yeah, it’s just almost. It’s confusing enough if you did not really imagine how powerfully hurt the word almost is.
Almost win, it does mean now you lost the chance to win. You almost pass the test, it means now you failed the test. And, you almost dated your adorable crush, I am so sorry to say that but it means, she or he is not really into you. Face the truth that the two of you are just friends, you never actually date them. You just almost dated them! Yeah, because it’s just almost. It hurts like hell if we hear a word of almost.. Because it really is never enough. I don’t know how much times I will explain how painful the almost word is. I do not like this word. I wish this word would never exist, Now I get lost in my own words :”) I do not know how to explain this anymore haha.

So what should we do to avoid that word, yes, we have to do all our best, use all the strengths in ourselves, focus on your goals, and pray to our God to never let us meet the situation where we have to let this word “almost” exists.

Well this is my random thought for today. Pardon me for some confusions I just made 🙂

Your friend,


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