Here Comes December

Howdy people! Can you believe that we are now at the end of the year again? December is the Friday version of the year. I mean, who doesn’t love December? Everybody does, just like they love Fridays. 

And December is also my second favourite month after my birth month, February. I always love the feeling this month brings. As usual, so many beautiful and unexpected moments happen during this month. I am not a Christian, so I do not celebrate the Christmas. But, I just love December because it’s that time of the year where there will be so many festivals (and year-end discounts and offers. Haha) in town. Everybody loves it, they are welcoming December with a pocket full of hopes. Holiday is just around the corner. People already made plan to spend their New Year’s Eve together with their family, friends or their loved ones. Such an exciting thing! Yeah, planning a trip is always a nice thing for me. I can randomly browsing on the net for hours only to make a list about what things to do and places to go. It’s so challenging for me yet it’s so fun. I like organizing things. So far, I still don’t know where to spend my New Year’s Eve. Usually we celebrate the New Year’s Eve with my family at home. New Year’s Eve is one holiday that can be a special moment for us to cook. For the past few years, we always had BBQ feast at home. My sister and I always cook for the New Year’s Eve and try new recipes; last year we made chocolate pudding, spaghetti, and other meals. And this year we should try another recipes 😀 I literally cannot wait to celebrate it.

Well, to be honest, what I had on my mind while I start writing this post is that I wanted to talk about my never-ending-assignmennts and exams in this semester. But see that, I’m too excited that December is coming until I forget that I was going to complain and worrying about this semester. (I even changed the title of this post as I feel it didn’t match with the body 🙂 ). Well, It’s just one and half semester till I finish my study in University. So it is that time where I got loads of assignments and exams to do. It’s so tiring. Stressing me-out. Depressing. But yeah, everybody who wants to get a Bachelor Degree should get through it. Nobody said it was easy. Just like what Coldplay’s song said. This week I just had my midterm exams. One of the lecturers just told us about our score, and I’m so thankful that I could pass the Auditing and Assurance exam. Yes, it was quite hard, almost every student in the class said their heads were about to explode while answering the questions. The lecturer also like to give us oral test or written test before the class starts. The lecturer told us that there’s only 9 students who passed this test. And luckily I am one of them, and can’t stop thanking God I got the highest score in the class. It’s a paid-off after all the hardwork. God always listens, always gives us the best if we want to try, believe in ourselves and if we never give up! I always tell myself: Winners never quit and quitters never win. That’s right. So all I have to do is just face it and enjoying every moment I am living now. I am sure I will miss my college life later. So it’s better to enjoy the present moment and make great memories with friends before we graduate and live our own life. Thank you for everyone who always come up to show and give your support to me 🙂

Let’s counting days till New Year and let’s make these remaining days become a memorable one.



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