Two O Fifteen: 2015


Saying goodbye to 2014, and giving warm welcome to 2015. 2014, you were a magical year and one of the greatest years in my life. I had many good times and also bad times in 2014. It has taught me how to handle this kind of situations. Ups and downs. Rise and fall. Laughs and tears. Failure and success. That’s life. And I’m very thankful for that. But now it’s time to say goodbye and let’s make a new year filled with lots of hopes, prayers, and we should do our best to make our dreams come true.

This fine morning, on the very first day of 2015, I would like to make a review about my life in 2014. And here they are:
In 2014 I turned 20. I had so much fears before my 20th birthday, because I thought life would treat me differently and changed me in some ways. That I thought I wasn’t ready for that. But it wasn’t true and in fact I could enjoy my 20s with lots of interesting things that I never imagined before. In this year, I made friends with many people from all over the world, especially with those amazing people from Australia, Korea and some people from the Europe. They are so inspirational and absolutely have beautiful souls. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by good and positive people. I spent great times with them, and I met some of them in person for the first time (that’s why 2014 has so many good things to remember). In 2014, I traveled to some places I never been there before. I also went to see some concerts and had the most memorable moment with some people that I thought it was just a dream few years back. I got good grades in Uni even I’ve been in some stresful moments doing my never ending assignments. But I am happy that I am not alone, because I have lovely classmate especially my close friends that I feel they are my true friends and we never claimed ourselves as bestfriend but in act, we all are, (oh hello dear Jengs; just in case if you guys read this post 😀 ). I got my very first postcard from my good Italian friend, Irene when she was in London. And I never imagined that I made some important decisions, and one of them was quitting from the comfort zone. Well, 2014 was one of amazing years to remember. I never regret every single low moment in my life; because that’s where I learn to stand strong after some broken dreams; to forget, forgive and accept my life the way it is.To let go of people who didn’t worth my time, and never appreciated me in some ways. Thanks all for being part of this amazing journey in 2014.

So now, let’s forget about the past and make new resolutions for 2015 instead. I love making a list of my new year’s resolutions; by having list to do, you will know what you have to do to make things happen. And you’ll focus on doing it. So, what are your resolutions?

Here they are my resolutions for the new year:
1. I can find a good and interesting topic for my final project in Uni, and I can finish my study before the end of the year (Amen)
2. Travel (at least one country and also some cities in Indonesia)
3. Be more independent, be a better person for myself and everyone around me
4. Fall in love and be loved back
5. Meet new people, learn new things and be more open minded
6. I believe in people helping people. So I hope I will always lend my hand for those who need me
7. Find new hobby
8. Learn foreign languages (I should learn more about Italian, French and Dutch)
9. Say yes to every good opportunity
10. Be a positive person and hopefully can inspire others
11. Be a good daughter
12. Less panicked, stop thinking too far ahead, or dwell on the past, and enjoy my present moment
13. Stop complaining and appreciate what I have
14. Buy things I always wanted to buy
15. Meet an amazing guy with a great personality, a kind of caring, sweet and intelligent guy; fall in love and be loved back. Wait, what?! Did I mention it before? Lol.

I will try my best to achieve my goals and really hope 2015 will be one wonderful year with lots of interesting things to experience and make it a fantastic year to remember. Here’s to a prosperous 2015.



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