Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Currently reading: “Eleanor & Park” by Rainbow Rowell

Lately I’ve been thinking about my future. Well, I always think about it though, but it’s getting more serious now. It’s so scary to think about it yet it motivates me to do everything perfectly in order to get the best results. The world is too big to only live in one place. I need to get outta this place; a place that makes me feel so comfort to ever leave it, a place I call-home. The future is too uncertain and sometimes things don’t go the way we want; sure it brings so much fears especially for those who haven’t done their best yet and prepared themselves to the big-real world. I know, it will never be an easy thing when it comes to step out of comfort zone and live far from my family. But I want to give myself a test, how far I can go and explore this so-called beautiful Earth, and see how long I can survive and depend my life on no one but myself, and use my creativity and own ability to solve problems. Thinking and writing about this makes my heart beats so fast, I am so stoked! I cannot wait to see what the future has to offer. I truly cannot wait to meet new people and get along with them. I wanna go beyond my limits, try new things, overcome all my fears, I absolutely want to live my life to the fullest.

And it’s so amazing when you were just seriously thinking about a serious thing aka your future, you suddenly found an amazing person with inspirational words that make you feel so motivated. Well today I stumbled upon Emily Thomas’s account. Who is she? Okay,  she is a writer, she’s a Contributor of the Huffington Post, a motivational speaker (no wonder why her words are so motivating), she based in Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California. So happy I could find another inspiring account on this Instagram world. Mostly I spend much time checking this social networking site, I think I need to find people who can inspire me and shape me to be a better person inside and out. So it’s okay to spend time on Instagram while you can also learn something from it, right? Emily is one of the most amazing people I’ve found on Instagram. So glad that we are following each other now,both on twitter and instagram. As a new follower, I stalked her pictures and read those magical words (sorry for being too creepy, Emily!). Damn, I am so amazed by the way she thinks and inspire people. Her words are so extraordinary and magical. And this is one of my favourites:


I think one of the best things my travels have taught me that we have the ability to make our life what we want it to be. I have the ability every day to decide that I could either stay home and do nothing, or get up and explore. Our life is not a product of our circumstance, but a reflection of our choices.
Every day, we have the ability to choose to do something that will make us smarter. You can read. You can engage in a conversation that evokes new ideas. You can push the edge just a little further.
Imagine if, every day you did is something like that. Imagine the collective result of those tiny changes. It’s incorporating every day habits that will eventually manifest into greatness.
We often put so much pressure on accomplishing big things, that we tend to forget that small acts combined are what propel us forward.
What little things will you do?

These words resonate within me. That’s so deep and I can’t get these out of my mind. When I feel so inspired like this, there is nothing better I can do than to put pen to paper, or get my laptop and start writing.
PS, as I feel so energised and motivated now, I think it’s a great time to start making a list about the things I want to do for my final project. (Yeah do it now, Fefi. The sooner you graduate, the better!)

Whoever reading this post, I hope you have a wonderful day or night. Who knows that you might also have inspired me in some ways! 🙂

With Love,


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