Holiday in Singapore

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
– Saint Augustine


Hello world,
So happy to be back on the road again and explore one of my favourite countries – that’s also on my bucket list. Yeah, I just came back after my short-travel to Singapore. You actually do not need to stay for more than a week to explore this whole country. Why? Because this country is very small, so it takes only one to two hours by MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to go to each region in Singapore. So actually 5 days or a week stay in Singapore is more than enough to get to know many places and things in Singapore.

Packing situation
Packing situation

This is my very first time visiting Singapore, and first time traveling abroad with my friends. Glad to travel with one of my friends who has been there before, so she knows a little bit more about Singapore. We started our journey last week, on the 7th of June 2015. We booked the two- way tickets almost 8 months ago. Yeah, that time I was so desperately in need of holiday, so when I was working and have plenty of time to browse the net I always checked the airline website to get the most updated promo 😀 haha yeah, it was quite frustrating to always keep your eyes on the screen and trying to compare the price for each day. But I do love it. For me, planning a travel is as much interesting as the travel itself. I like organizing things, find interesting places to visit and also arranging things to do. I talked to my friends on a private group conversation and asked them if they want to plan a trip together. It was quite confusing as each of us want to visit different places. I actually voted for Malaysia, because I have so many Malaysian friends who asked me to come there, but at the same time I’m more interested in visiting Singapore. And two friends voted for Bali. I am actually okay with these three options, but when most of them agreed to book tickets to Bali, I told them that it is better for us to visit Singapore together, as the flight to Singapore is way cheaper than the flight to Bali, Indonesia. So I think we should give Singapore a shot. We kept chatting on WhatsApp the whole day – in our separated office, and later in the evening we finally booked five two-way tickets to Singapore. Yay, we were totally excited for this trip!

Flying from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Changi Airport, Singapore
Flying from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Changi Airport, Singapore

After months by months, weeks by weeks, days by days counting, we finally here on our journey. We met a week before our flight to buy some things we need, booked some tickets to Sentosa Island and discussed many other things related to our trip.

I met so many Indonesian people here. Singapore is really a great place to escape.

 We landed in Changi Airport Singapore after flying an hour and 40 minutes. We were welcomed by the sunshine and hot weather. It was one fun sunny day, and I loved it. We then headed to Arrival Immigration and then we went to ION Orchard to buy simcards and get some food for dinner. I didn’t buy the simcard in Changi, because I read some bad experience from travelers who bought it in the airport. I’ve also read that an Indonesian guy had to pay Rp 1.200.000 for two simcards, just because he couldn’t speak English and he got fooled by the seller.
I am so amazed by the kind and helpful guy at the 7-Eleven that we found in a corner of ION Orchard mega mall, he was both the cashier and the shopkeeper in that counter where we bought our simcard at. I chose SingTel, I paid it for $15  and got the $18 value. He was so patient while explained to us and helped us to registry our simcard even though the queue was totally crazy and he was the only one in that counter. It was very impressive. If you plan a trip to Singapore and wanna buy a simcard, you should come to this guy. Totally recommended! To be honest, he looked not so friendly, but in fact he really is so kind and helpful and nice at the same time, one lesson learned – don’t judge a book by its cover. That is why I love travelling, I get to meet many people along the way and get to know them personally. Amazing experience!

Disembarkation form. Anyway, this is a new design for Indonesian passport
Disembarkation form. Anyway, this is a new design for Indonesian passport

Finally, after hours of walking we met my friend’s Aunt and she came with her husband and three lovely kids. Oh yeah, we actually already booked some rooms around Lavender MRT Station, but my friend’s aunt offered us to stay at her house, so we cancelled our stay at that hotel. Then we had dinner at Pinque Nique, in Takashimaya Square.

Pique Nique - Breakfast spot for dinner, anyone?
Pique Nique – Breakfast spot for dinner, anyone?

After finished our dinner around 9:30 pm, we wanted to go to Clarke Quay and Chinatown. But alas, since we use MRT to go home, and it only operates till 11 pm, so we only visit Clarke Quay. We were accompanied by my friend’s cousin, that was so helpful because it was night and having someone who knows all the MRT routes from Somerset Rd to Clarke Quay and Choa Chu Kang was really a great idea.

I will post and tell the detail about our trip to Clarke Quay on the next post, so don’t miss it out! 🙂

Greetings from Singapore,


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