Perfect Sunday Night at the Singapore Riverside (Clarke Quay)

Hello, I’m back now and ready to share with you guys my recent holiday in Clarke Quay, Singapore. Sorry if it took some time since my last post, I’ve been really busy with University life: final exams, assignments and last week I had to submit a BRM proposal. Thanks God, now I get some free time for the next two weeks.

And oh, before I get super busy preparing for the Eid celebration, it’s time to write a post about my amazing night chilling with friends at Clarke Quay, Singapore. So let the story begins!

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Well, after we had dinner at Takashimaya Square and so (yay!) thankfully our lugages were bought by my friend’s Aunt to the apartment, so we could walk easily without having to bring those heavy bags everywhere. We headed to Somerset MRT Station and passed by some famous streets like Orchard Rd and Grange Rd. Had to stop and take some pictures. This time we were accompanied by my friend’s cousin. So happy we shouldn’t have to hold a map on our hand! (Ha ha)

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Creepy look – I know. I loved every step I took on this journey. It was one great night surrounded by good friends and strangers at the same time. The night sky filled with so much joy and happiness, oh I can’t forget how lovely it was – strolling down the streets, taking pictures, having a good conversation with friends. This little heart was filled with gratitude.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Planning Area. The quay is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay. Clarke Quay was named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Singapore’s second Governor and Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1873 to 1875, who played a key role in positioning Singapore as the main port for the Malay states of Perak, Selangor and Sungei Ujong.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

 I like taking tons of pictures while traveling. And share some of them here on the blog and also on my instagram account. I was so surprised when I got a notification that my picture got featured by the Official Singapore Tourism Site, on their instagram account here. What a pleasant surprise to get featured by such great account. I am happy so many people gave me lovely feedback, and my work can inspire them to find places to visit in Singapore.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Clarke QuayAnother ticked off to my bucketlist. I’ve always wanted to visit this place at night. And so happy I decided to go there on a fine Sunday night when there was a live jazz music performance. As you can imagine, the night vibe here was all so lovely and incredibly awesome. This place way more enchanting and lively at night. I found myself sitting there, at the Singapore Riverside, admiring the captivating – colorful lights, listening to the people’s scream on the bungee jumping ride, and listening to the musics. I couldn’t help myself not to take some pictures and videos of this beautiful place. People come here to escape, to enjoy the night life (yes this place also known as a clubbing district), chilling with friends or their loved one.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke QuayI didn’t realize that it was a famous bridge in Clarke Quay until I came home. Too bad I didn’t take a photo myself, and this one was taken by my friend. You can get that Marina Bay Sands view from this very spot. Oh this picture seems can’t justify its beauty. Does it mean I should come back and take a slow walk in order to get to see this view? Hehe next time, baby!

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay
A candid picture of me by my friend. Overlooking and capturing the lovely boat at the Singapore Riverside.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Lock Love CQLOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Love is definitely in the air at Clarke Quay. It was a surprise seeing Locks of Love crammed on one side of The Central mall fence in Clarke Quay. Never knew they have such place. The myth behind the love lock is that when a couple fixes a padlock on a bridge (or in this case, a fence and this Love – sign) and throw away the key, their love for each other will never end. So far, this is the only love lock place I’ve ever been to. Dear future fiancé (whoever you might be), I wouldn’t mind if you take me to love lock on a Paris bridge or the one in Italy, or in the Netherlands and propose me there (hahaha!)

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay Bridge

Anista Fefiana - Clarke QuayI left a piece of my heart in Clarke Quay. Wish one day I can bring my special one here.

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay

Anista Fefiana - Clarke QuayWhen we were about to head back to the apartment in Choa Chu Kang at around 10:30 pm, we passed by this street art filled with beautiful murals. Lovely! Clarke Quay never failed to please me, it was beyond my expectation. We couldn’t help but posing and capturing our moments. The murals here show us about the Singaporean’s life around the Riverside area in the past. Not too far from this spot, I saw a street performer playing a guitar and singing one of my favourite songs so beautifully. I couldn’t exactly remember what song he was playing! But it was one of my Dad’s favourite songs that I used to sing since I was a kid, so it was a song by George Benson “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” or a song by Richard Marx, “Right Here Waiting”. Oh my, it was a really romantic night.

Artist Statement about Singapore River
Artist Statement about Singapore River

Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay Anista Fefiana - Clarke Quay Voilá! Now you are at the end of the post. Finally I could finish this post :’) I hope you can enjoy these travel photos and story shared by me. See you on the next posts! 🙂

Yours Truly,



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