Exploring Bandung’s Beauty – Part One

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Hai Bandung! So happy to end this fantastic year with another wonderful trip to one of my favourite cities in Indonesia. We took a midnight roadtrip to Bandung on Friday night. It was rainy but we were too excited for this trip so we didn’t want to cancel our plan (just because the heavy rain!), we left home around 11 PM. We arrived at 3 AM and hiked it all the way to the top of Tebing Keraton to catch the magical sunrise. I have always wanted to visit Tebing Keraton, and so happy to finally tick off this place from my bucketlist. It felt so surreal to be able to see the sun slowly rise over this magical place. So the 3 AM hike was definitely worth the lack of sleep and of course the struggles too. We were the first people who reached the top, so it was like we had this place for ourselves 😀 It was amazing to see this sleepy town covered in thick fog. Yes, I am kinda obsessed with morning fog, especially after following some fellow instagrammers from PNW (Pacific Northwest).

Tebing Keraton is located in the Cimenyan district. The recent increased popularity of the cliff might well be the result of social-media buzz with thousands of visitors posting the location on Instagram. And it was amazing to see some of the daredevils placing themselves very near the edge or high above the rock just to get the best picture for Instagram. You know, it made me want to sit on the edge of the cliff too, but it was too risky, so I decided to take some selfies a little bit far from the edge.

After we had enough of this view, we decided to descend and on our way, we found a Sundanese “warung” selling instant noodles, coffee, tea and local dishes. We were so hungry so we had our breakfast here while basking in the golden morning rays. And again, the view from this warung is so magnificent! The air was so fresh and cold.

It was only 7:30 AM when we back to our car. We wanted to go to Bukit Moko – the highest hill in Bandung. But we were just too tired for another hikes so we decided to drive to our hotel. Anyway, I must say that having my selfie taken on the most talked-about cliff in Bandung somehow feels like an accomplishment 🙂

Looking forward to many more adventures in 2016!




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